We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Sarah Langa

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We Love Her Dresses… How To Dress Like Sarah Langa


If you’re a fashion lover like us, then you must have heard of Sarah Langa’s dress style. The South African influencer is known for her fashion sense and ability to pull off any outfit with ease. Her style is always chic, elegant, and timeless—regardless of what the outfit may be. One of the most significant aspects of her wardrobe is her love for dresses, which Sarah seems to wear for most of her outings. Keep scrolling to find our most favorite styles inspired by Sarah Langa’s dress style. You’ll find that just one dress added to your wardrobe will make your entire summer. After all, all it takes is one designer dress to make a world of a difference.

Sarah Langa's Chic Dress Style


Sarah Langa’s dress style is admired by many fashion lovers around the world for a number of reasons. The fashionista’s style is simply effortless, making her the perfect inspiration for a chic summer. From casual outings to red carpet events, Sarah’s dresses are always sophisticated. She knows exactly how to balance simplicity and boldness, making her outfits stand out without being too much. However, you can still capture that neck-breaking look if you wish to with the right accessories.


One of the things that make Sarah Langa’s dress style so chic is her attention to detail. For example, the SLEEPER Boheme Satin Mini Dress is perfect for date nights or nights on the town with the girls. On the other hand, it’s also perfect for showing off your curves in all the right places. But aside from flattering silhouettes, Sarah’s dresses are always well-tailored, and never compromise on quality. Luckily, there are plenty more dresses where this came from. While Sarah Langa’s dress style might seem impossible to accomplish, all it takes it the right piece.

Shop Sarah Langa's Dress Style


  • ANNA OCTOBER Tulip Maxi Dress

  • ALICE + OLIVIA Vernita Floral Silk Tulle Mini Dress

  • HOUSE OF CB Yasmin Long Sleeve Body-con Midi Cocktail Dress

  • ROTATE Noon Puff-sleeve Midi Dress

  • TALLER MARMO Piccolo Ubud Feather-embellished Dress

  • BELL Christine Tiered Maxi Dress

  • OSCAR DE LA RENTA Tiger-print Silk Kaftan Dress

  • EMILIA WICKSTEAD Adalina Strapless Floral-print Faille Dress


Elegance At Its Finest


Elegance is a quality that Sarah Langa’s dress style embodies in all aspects of her life. Each of her outfits exude sophistication and grace, making her a perfect inspiration for anyone looking to elevate their wardrobe. Not to mention, her preference for timeless pieces adds to the elegance of her style. If anyone knows how to create an effortless look that never goes out of style, it’s Sarah. Regardless of what catches your eye, you’ll find these options to satisfy your fashion taste.


The CINQ A SEPT Elsie Dress is one of our favorite styles for day-to-day actives. Together with statement jewelry and a functional bag, you’ll find that ensembles like this will keep you stylish for months to come. Similarly, the DOLCE & GABBANA Zebra-print One-shoulder Dress is another daytime look that will also work for the evening. In the end, Sarah Langa’s dress style is proof that elegance is not just about the clothes you wear but also how you carry yourself. She exudes confidence, making her a true fashion icon. Regardless of what you choose to snag, you’re in for a sweet treat.

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