Lianne Almeida

Fashion Editor, Fashion Creative Director, Fashion Designer.

Born in the US and raised by immigrant textile workers, Lianne walks a unique path within the fashion industry. Having started as an 18-year-old intern, she has grown her career in the most unexpected ways. From having begun as just a fashion writer during college, Lianne managed to climb the media ladder to becoming Senior Fashion Editor of sustainable pioneer, Trend Privé Magazine. She was found covering events like New York Fashion Week, brand launches from labels like Reformation, and interviews from stylists of celebrities like Beyonce.

Not too long after this journey, she began independently offering her creative services to clients around the globe, where she now has an extensive track record of brands across many industries and initiatives: Forest Stewardship Council, 64Facets, Crislu, TÖST, and many more.

While still writing and editing around the world, she now welcomes her latest, most special venture—her own brand named after herself: Lianne Almeida. With a keen eye for all-things luxury and years of working with various industries, her worldwide perspective offers a unique lens into the world of fashion. Whether it be the latest celebrity looks or the market’s must-have trends, Lianne’s here to keep us all in the know—all while prioritizing ethics and elegance.

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