We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Anne Hathaway

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We Love Her Dresses… How To Dress Like Anne Hathaway


You may know Anne Hathaway from the Princess Diaries, but if not, her dress style is something you should most definitely learn to know. Famous for her role as a princess-to-be, her wardrobe doesn’t seem to stray too far away from the castle. Through gowns, romantic midis and more, Anne knows just how to turn heads. And before you think there must be a trick, the fashion icon doesn’t seem to have one.


In fact, her iconic style is imply because of her elegant, lady-like choices. Each look she’s seen in is classy, chic, and well put together. Not to mention, they definitely give that queen-to-be vibe. Interested in capturing Anne Hathaway’s dress style for yourself? These 30 look-alike styles will have you feeling like a princess with just one wear.

Anne Hathaway's Elegant Dress Style


There’s one thing about Anne Hathaway’s dress style that you must know: it’s simply elegant. But before you think the fashionista throws on any old conservative gown, the opposite is actually true. Through more organic makeup and hair looks and minimal accessories, Anne’s dresses really stand out without being too much to handle. Oftentimes when we wear gowns ourselves, we can feel a bit out of place. The way to fix that? By keeping it classy and simple.


The best piece to do this with is the ravishing red MAC DUGGAL Ruched Embellished Strapless Gown. It’s easy to style and is versatile enough to wear to a handful of occasions. From your next wedding to just a fancy brunch at the country club, why not pull out a gown from time to time? As for a piece that’s bolder than the average, the NAEEM KHAN Sequin-Embellished Open-Back Gown is a true hidden gem. It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to dress like a princess, but if you can—this Anne Hathaway inspired dress style is the way to go.

Shop Anne Hathaway's Dress Style

  • BARDOT Fleurette Flower Mini Dress

  • COSTARELLOS Metallic Vespera Off-shoulder Sequined Gown

  • ALEX PERRY Panelled Bikini Sequin Dress

  • ALICE + OLIVIA Holly Ruffled Chiffon Dress

  • ZHIVAGO By The Way Gown

  • YAURA Tiara Gown

  • FOR LOVE & LEMONS Yara Mini Dress

  • ASTR THE LABEL Monroe Dress

  • SAFIYAA Briannie Strapless Faille-trimmed Stretch-crepe Gown


Princess-Worthy Gowns


You love Anne Hathaway’s dress style, but are timid to bring out the ball gowns. We’re here to tell you—don’t be! Part of loving this elegant, fairytale-like style is enjoying the experience of wearing it. If you’re feeling a worried about going all the way, we’ve got just the piece to help you pull through with confidence.


For example, the SOLACE LONDON Selia One-shoulder Satin-twill And Crepe Maxi Dress and the GEISHA DESIGNS Ruffled Strapless Dress are great starters. Although not on a known princess just yet, we could see Anne wearing these in a heartbeat. So if you want to channel that inner Mia, you’ll have to throw on your gown. And before you worry about looking over the top, you’ll find that these dresses are just too good to miss out on.

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