Get The Look: Sasha Lee Laurel Dress Style
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Get The Look: Sasha Lee Laurel Dress Style


Get The Look: Sasha Lee Laurel Dress Style

If there’s one thing to notice about Sasha Lee Laurel’s dress, it’s its lovely sunny yellow color. While a timeless favorite in the spring and summer seasons, yellow is also a trending color for this fall and winter. Sasha has always been known to effortlessly wear the latest trends, but this source of inspiration is perfectly timed considering the arrival of fall. Paired with neutrals or metallics like Sasha’s gold jewelry, you too deserve an ensemble like this. Luckily, there are numerous options inspired by the fashionista’s exquisite taste. No matter your preference, you’ll find a piece out there for you. Sasha Lee Laurel’s dress style isn’t all that hard to find, especially not in this radiant color.

Sasha Lee Laurel's Sunny Dress

When taking a first glance at Sasha Lee Laurel’s dress, it’s hard to articulate just what we love about it. Is it the radiant yellow shade? Is it the silhouette? Honestly, it might just be both. The fashionista’s midi bodycon is a must-have for the fall. While not a surprise, bodycons are easily one of the best silhouettes for the season. While most dresses steer away from showing too much skin, tighter pieces are a great way to channel your femininity or give your wardrobe a little more sultriness. That’s exactly why we couldn’t pass on the HOUSE OF CB Bandage Midi Dress. While seemingly just another bodycon dress, its yellow color is what sets it apart. Great for color blocking or simply celebrating the festive fall season, your closet can’t go wrong with the Sasha Lee Laurel dress.

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  • HOUSE OF CB Bandage Midi Dress


Yellow In All Of Its Facets

If there’s anything you love about the Sasha Lee Laurel dress, we’ll guess that it’s probably its beautiful sunny color. While the bodycon piece is certainly gorgeous for the season, it’s not the only way to wear the trendy fall color. If you’re not all that comfortable in a skin-tight dress, there are many other silhouettes to enjoy. The TOVE Sofia Silk Front-Twist Midi Dress and the LOVERS AND FRIENDS Violet Midi Dress are perfect alternatives for any style.  Easy to style and certainly beautiful to wear for the season, these two pieces are great for just about anyone. Even if you’re not that much of a fan of yellow, it’s hard to want to pass these ups. The Sasha Lee Laurel dress does a good job of attracting even those who despise the color—it’s just impossible to!

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