Get The Look: Kaitlyn Dever Dress Style

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Get The Look: Kaitlyn Dever Dress Style


Loving the mystery of Kaitlyn Dever’s dress style? The fashionista has been making waves on the fashion scene with her vintage-inspired style that seamlessly combines classic details with trendy elements. She’s been a great source of inspiration for women who love to incorporate this style into their wardrobes. In particular, her dress style consistently catches the attention of many fashion lovers, including us. Luckily, capturing Kaitlyn Dever’s dress style isn’t all that hard with 2023’s hottest trends. With vintage lace, puff sleeves, texture, voluminous skirts, draping, and more—you too can pull off the iconic celebrity look.

Kaitlyn Dever's Classic Dress Style


When it comes to Kaitlyn Dever’s dress style, one word comes to mind: timeless. She often chooses dresses with classic details like lace and draping, but also incorporates trendy elements like ruffles and textured layers. One dress that perfectly captures this style is this vintage victorian piece. Featuring a high neckline, semi-fitted waist, and a voluminous skirt that creates a feminine silhouette.


A great style to get the look is the ZIMMERMANN Tama Tiered Floral-embroidered Lace Midi Dress. This isn’t only our favorite, but it’s also one of the closest dupes to the icon’s ensemble. With an array of similar designs available in today’s market, you’ll have no issue finding this piece in a world of options. Not to mention, just about every detail is trending for the spring and summer. While Kaitlyn Dever’s dress style might not be for everyone, it’s a great first choice for both formal and informal occasions.

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The Fashionista's Love For Vintage Fashion


Kaitlyn Dever’s love for vintage fashion is pretty clear in her dress style. She’s simply not afraid to mix vintage elements with modern trends to create a unique and timeless look. The key to achieving this style is to focus on quality and craftsmanship. Our advice is to look for pieces that have intricate details and high-quality fabrics. And when it comes to styling, keep it simple like Kaitlyn. Classic accessories like pearl earrings or a delicate clutch will do just fine.


Some other pieces to explore are the KOBI HALPERIN Denali Floral-Embroidered Eyelet Midi Dress and the FARM RIO Morada Boa Guipure Dress. While not exactly like this source of inspiration, we could definitely see Kaitlyn already having these hidden gems sitting in her closet. And regardless, can you really ever go wrong with more vintage-inspired dresses in yours? Kaitlyn Dever’s dress style is something all women can be inspired by, and with summer on the way—there’s no better time than now to capture the look.

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