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Get The Look: Chelsea Boatey Dress Style


Chelsea Boatey’s dress style is a dream—do we need to say more? With the spring season on the way, this refreshing designer piece is a must-have for the entire season. Easy to style and effortlessly chic for any special occasion, it’s hard not to love this stellar design. Regardless of your normal style, this dress is easily loved by every style of woman. Not to mention, capturing the style is just as effortless with the options on the market right now. Accessorize with your favorite pieces for a brilliant head-to-toe look of your dreams. Scroll to uncover our top 15 favorite dupes inspired by Chelsea Boatey’s iconic dress style!

Chelsea Boatey's Iconic Dress Style


If there’s one thing to notice about Chelsea Boatey’s dress style, it’s its glorious cutout detailing and low neckline. But besides the sultry side cuts and extra skin, there’s something quite magical about the dress in general. From its brilliant choice in fabric to its elongating silhouette, the look is simply stunning in every way possible. Not to mention, you too can get the look from a range of popular brands on the market now. 


The ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER Padded-shoulder Ring-embellished Jersey Gown is by far the best dupe for Chelsea’s iconic look. Similarly, the PATBO Cutout Belted Printed Chiffon Maxi Dress has an almost identical cutout design as the original. So if you’re loving Chelsea’s unique dress style, you can easily find it among many other pieces—all while discovering new prints and textiles.

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A Color Palette You Can't Miss


If you love Chelsea Boatey’s dress style, there are many other colors and patterns to enjoy that are in season. While her sparkling off-white piece is certainly an iconic look, there’s a world of choices for the spring season. Not to mention, this year is all about color—and unique shades at that. So if you don’t mind a bit of extra color in your whiteout spring wardrobe, you might want to grab these.


If you’re feeling extra flirty and chic, you might want to take a look at the PATBO Monstera Crochet Plunge Beach Dress. This look will easily have you looking the best dressed wherever you go, no matter the occasion. Similar in design, the HANNAH ARTWEAR Rio Cutout Printed Silk-habotai Maxi Dress is another fashion forward ensemble to love. These styles aren’t only designed by some of the best brands known for cutouts, but they’re the perfect dupes for Chelsea Boatey’s dress style. 

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