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24 Luxury Bodycon Dresses Made For Women Over Forty


24 Luxury Bodycon Dresses Made For Women Over Forty

Who said there was an appropriate age for luxury bodycon dresses? Being over forty years old doesn’t mean you need to throw away your love for fashion and settle for anything less. A tight dress has no age requirement, and with so many options available now–you couldn’t possibly say no. Luckily, we’ve searched near and far for the top 24 pieces to get you jumpstarted on your bodycon journey. After all, life is too short to miss out on what these designers have to offer. And we’re sure that after trying one, you’ll want to ditch your looser dresses and say goodbye to anything that doesn’t make you feel good. Scroll to find your next favorite pieces that make you look fashionable and feel confident–regardless if you’re over forty!


L’AGENCE Annalise Sweater Dress

A Dress That Makes Age Just A Number

Not that you need luxury bodycon dresses to be proud of your age, but…you do! When over forty, standards tend to cloud the industry with what you can and cannot wear, but we’re here to tell you–wear the bodycon. You only live once and with so many tight, sexy options out on the market, don’t miss out! The PACO RABANNE Studded Gathered Metallic-jersey Dress is the perfect example of a piece that keeps you sophisticated with a little something extra. After all, if you’re going to wear such a form-fitting dress, you might as well go big. Showing off those legs is worth your while and a little designer fashion has the power to turn your entire mood around. When wearing something as luxurious as this, we’re sure you’ll forget you’re above forty and feeling 25 again. The best luxury bodycon dresses can do that for you!

Bodycon Dresses Without Risks

Luxury bodycon dresses don’t have to be that extreme. You certainly can wear a dress that hugs your body without going over board. Traditionally, length plays a huge role in the appearance of a dress. For example, a midi dress is likely to look more mature and sophisticated vs. a mini dress. This is because of the amount of skin that you show, thus perceiving it either more on the sultry or classy side. However, that’s not always the case. Designers today are extremely creative and design numerous of ways to still enjoy either a mini or midi and still look classy. Just take a look at the SELF-PORTRAIT Ribbed-knit Midi Dress and the L’AGENCE Annalise Sweater Dress. While they’re very two different pieces, they still give off the same vibe and charm. That way, you can still enjoy luxury bodycon dresses without worrying if you should wear it–although we think fashion has no rules!

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SAYLOR Alouette Dress

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