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Yves Saint Laurent Bags Are So Hot Right Now…These Are The Must Haves

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Bags Are So Hot Right Now…These Are The Must Haves

Yves Saint Laurent bags aren’t only accessory classics, they also just happen to be a hot buy right now. Whether it’s because of their elegant black product lines or chic detailing, the brand does its best at creating timeless accessories. The best part is that their handbags match with just about anything–any out fit, anywhere, anytime. And what better time to snag a classic favorite than when there’s a variety of it on the market? From smaller crossbody bags to larger ones, there’s certainly a Yves Saint Laurent piece you’ll learn to love. Scroll to discover the beauty Yves Saint Laurent bags have to offer and why you too should own at least one–because you’ll soon see that one is not nearly enough!

SAINT LAURENT Le Maillon Leather Bucket Bag

SAINT LAURENT Panier Medium Raffia Tote Bag

Yves Saint Laurent Handbags That Won't Last Forever

We’ve all seen Yves Saint Laurent’s classic black bags, but what about their more trendy pieces? It’s not everyday that a timeless designer releases something a bit different, so snagging it while it’s still available is highly suggested. Yves Saint Laurent is no different and we’ve got just the recommendation to inspire your future wardrobe. That’s why we had to share the SAINT LAURENT Charniere Small Crossbody Bag, for obvious reasons. You never come across Yves Saint Laurent handbags that looks like this, no matter the season. But with warmer weather on the horizon, it only makes sense to ditch the darker colors and seek lightness. This piece is the best just for that and to pair with your favorite spring and summer looks.

Classic Yves Saint Laurent Bags Never Die

If you’re reading this edit searching for the Yves Saint Laurent classics, then you’re in the right place. Although snagging something cool and trendy is great from time to time, some of us love our timeless staples. Owning all black accessories isn’t a bad thing–they truly do match every look for every occasion. Even for the spring and summer months, you can certainly pull out a darker handbag to pair with your ensembles. The SAINT LAURENT Kate Small Chain-tassel Leather Cross-body Bag and the SAINT LAURENT Jade Leather Crossbody Bag are perfect for this. Smaller in size, they’re ideal for those warmer months when you just don’t feel like carrying an entire tote. Better yet, they’re also great beyond these two season, easily becoming your new favorite year-long go-to’s. Yves Saint Laurent bags are perfect for that now and forever!

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SAINT LAURENT Kate Small Chain-tassel Leather Cross-body Bag

SAINT LAURENT Envelope Medium Shoulder Bag

Timeless Everyday Bags You Can Bring Anywhere


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