Work Party Dresses That'll Wow Your Entire Office


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Work Party Dresses That’ll Wow Your Entire Office

When you first think of work party dresses, style is probably not factored into that vision at all. But just because the party is held in the office (and with your coworkers), doesn’t mean you have to give up your fashion sense entirely. With numerous options on the market appropriate for the workplace, you can still flaunt your personal taste. From midi bodycons to looser fit pieces, there are plenty to meet your style requirements. After all, what’s a party without feeling your best? It’s time we reinvent what it means to dress for the office, including those dreadful formal parties. With these work party dresses to choose from, you can be sure to wow everyone in your office—appropriately, of course. In the end, you’ll be happy you decided to get more pieces like these.

Work Party Dresses That'll Wow Your Entire Office

BYTIMO Black Sequin-embellished Mini Dress (on the left)

Work Party Dresses That'll Wow Your Entire Office

RAMY BROOK Olana High Neck Midi Dress (on the left)

Work Party Dresses With Style As The Priority

If style is your main priority, you might want to take a look at these work party dresses. While we’re on the topic of work, you definitely don’t always have to reach for that same black sweater dress or outdated floral one. If you’re a big dress lover, but can’t seem to find the perfect balance between work appropriate and stylish, we got you. Undoubtedly, the RETROFETE April Sequined Long-sleeved Mini Dress and the VALENTINO Tulle Illusione Sequin Mini Dress are by far the best pieces on the market. While not overly trendy, they’re a great mix of what’s most popular in today’s fashion. If you’re going to attend a work event, you want to make sure your work party dresses meet your own standard first. While dressing appropriate is always at the top of the list, don’t ever forget about your fashionable self!

  • ALTUZARRA ‘Lydia’ Dress

  • VERSACE Stretch Crepe Mini Dress

  • ALESSANDRA RICH Silk Satin Short Sleeve Long Dress

  • ALESSANDRA RICH Open Back Silk Satin Draped Mini Dress

  • SACHIN & BABI Scarlett Side-Bow A-Line Midi Dress

  • MAC DUGGAL Sequined Elbow-Sleeve Column Gown

  • MAC DUGGAL High-Neck Gathered Tulle Midi-Dress

  • VALENTINO Crêpe Couture Floral-appliqué Midi Dress

  • JOHANNA ORTIZ Alquimia Hilo Sequinned Crepe Dress


Traditional Picks For The Traditional Woman

Not all work party dresses have to necessarily be the utmost stylish and modern. If you’re a traditional woman looking for something traditional and simple, there are still plenty of options for you. Going tight and fashion-forward isn’t always an option for every office party—and that’s okay. Our recommendation? Going with something right in the middle, like the SEA Mayde Smocked Puff Sleeve Velvet Midi Dress. Similarly, the REFORMATION Brogan Long Sleeve Button Front Midi Dress leans on the more traditional side without being outdated. Pieces like these are much safer to bring out into the office, all while not forgetting about your exquisite taste. Work party dresses are far from a one-style affair, and these show just that.

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Work Party Dresses That'll Wow Your Entire Office

RAMY BROOK Studded Melanie Midi Dress (on the right)

Work Party Dresses That'll Wow Your Entire Office

ERDEM Nella Organza Fluted Mini Dress

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