We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Sofia Carson


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We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Sofia Carson

Elegant, chic, and timeless—these are all things you could say about Sofia Carson’s dress style. The fashion icon doesn’t budget for anyone or any event, bringing us the classic looks we all love to see. Time and time again, we’re delivered a world of inspiration, whether from familiar ensembles or never-before-seen looks. And if you’re particularly interested in texture and shape, you’ll find her dresses to be a sweet treat. From feathers to jewels to lace, there’s nothing you can’t find her in or that she doesn’t look good in. Sofia is one of the very few people to pull off classic looks in the modern era, but luckily, you can too. Keep scrolling to find our top 15 dresses inspired by Sofia Carson’s style. You’ll discover that you can become a style icon, too.

Texture Rules Supreme

As mentioned, most of Sofia Carson’s dresses are infused with all sorts of texture. There’s honestly nothing you can’t find. No matter the textiles you prefer to wear, you’ll find a world awaiting your heart with these top picks. And while you wouldn’t normally see yourself wearing these, you just might now. Take the RETROFÊTE Heather Strapless Sequined Mini Dress for example. While pieces like this are fairly simple, the texture is what makes it what it is. The MICHAEL COSTELLO x REVOLVE Cicely Gown is another hidden gem with a lot of detail to adore as well. Even if you don’t necessarily have an event set on your calendar, you might just want to create one to wear one of these Sofia Carson dresses.

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The Secret Ingredient To A Sofia Carson Dress

If you’ve noticed anything about Sofia Carson’s dresses, it’s that they’re all a piece of artwork. Whether it’s through texture or shape, there is always a detail that catches the eye—and that detail is always major. While not something you can normally do in your day-to-day, you can certainly take pieces of her style and make them yours. The P.A.R.O.S.H. Pussy-bow Ruched Midi Dress is the perfect example of a dress for occasions off the red carpet like weddings or formal parties. Similarly, the PETAR PETROV Agento Open-back Draped Velvet Midi Wrap Dress is another eye-catching piece with a little more to meet the eye with its velvety texture. If you’re lucky enough to attend a spectacular event, then there’s no reason you can’t look spectacular yourself. Sofia Carson’s dresses were made for moments like this.

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