A young woman in a sleek We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Indira Scott dress poses elegantly against a blue backdrop. She has long braided hair and wears minimal makeup, giving a modern, sophisticated look.


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We Love Her Dresses… How To Dress Like Indira Scott

Indira Scott’s style is one of the most inspirational styles we’ve seen in a long time. Forget the average classy and trendy looks, Indira brings something truly unique to the table. From underrated designers to underground ensembles, she brings the catwalk to every ground she walks. Better yet, you too can take advantage of her inspiration style and bring her wardrobe home to yours. And with this summer hitting the industry with a major splash of style, it only makes sense to experiment with new looks you’re bound to adore. There are too many windows of opportunity in the market to miss up on trying something new. Scroll and explore our top 15 dresses by your favorite designers that we believe Indira Scott would likely have in her closet. Achieving model style has never been easier with this high fashion style icon by your side.

Indira Scott's Iconic Body-Hugging Dresses

If there’s one style of dress your bound to see apart of Indira Scott’s style, it’s the bodycon. Whether satin or knit, her curve-hugging looks are to die for, for obvious reasons. What makes them special isn’t only their attractive silhouette, but their color. Indira is the queen of showcasing the market’s hottest shades and hues, making her a great reference for all seasons of the year.


That’s exactly why we had to share the SUPERDOWN Tiffany Mini Dress and the ISABEL MARANT Jordana Coral-Print Cutout Ruched Mini Dress with you. They’re equally great additions to anyone’s closet, especially those looking to get outside of their comfort zone this summer. And luckily for you, the iconic Indira Scott style is just what you need to find the right inspiration for that. And luckily for you, the iconic Indira Scott style is just what you need to find the right inspiration for that!

Shop Indira Scott's Dress Style

  • NOOKIE Fantasy Midi Dress

  • VALENTINO GARAVANI Rose-embellished Wool-crepe Midi Dress

  • CAROLINA HERRERA Sequin-embellished Strapless Maxi Dress

  • DÔEN Alette Ruffled Tiered Floral-print Silk-georgette Mini Dress

  • STAUD Stormi Side-slit Tulle Maxi Dress

  • ALÉMAIS Evergreen Abstract-print Linen Maxi Dress

  • ROTATE Sequined Halter Dress

  • FOR LOVE & LEMONS Kendall Gown

  • 16ARLINGTON Solare Keyhole-cutout Sequinned Midi Dress


Indie Goddess Looks Too Good To Pass Up

Beyond body-hugging dresses, Indira Scott’s style is quite glamorous in it’s own unique way. Although not elegant, it’s quite the underground glamour that you don’t see everyday. From electrifying sequins to breathtaking drapery, she’s the ultimate fashionista to make everything look unique. Snagging these looks of her isn’t all that hard with the right designer and dress.


And what better piece than the RASARIO Pleated Cutout Maxi Dress to illustrate exactly what we mean. Paired with more colorful accessories and the shiniest jewelry, snagging her exclusive looks is much easier than you think. With the slip of pieces inspired by Indira Scott’s iconic style, you’ll look like the next runway model in no time. Accessing the best and most unique designer looks is just a click away with this stylish inspiration.

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