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We Love Her Dresses… How To Dress Like Darja Barannik

We’ve seen all sorts of styles, but nothing quite like Darja Barannik’s dress style. Firstly, the fashionista isn’t only known for her exquisite photography skills, but also her photogenic wardrobe. From one dress to the next, she really knows how to take simple to the next level without a doubt. It only makes sense how she manages to tie in the season’s hottest trends and inspiration into one look—each and every time. As a result, snagging her style isn’t all that impossible with the options on the market. Most of her looks come from your favorite designers, on the market now. If you’re looking to get inspired by the industry’s best, you might want to give Darja Barannik’s dress style a glance without a doubt. You never know what you’ll find until you find it—and clearly this style icon knows what she’s doing.

Darja Barannik's Dress Style Is Simple

If there’s one thing thing you’ll notice off the bat with Darja Barannik’s dress style, it’s the simplicity. It’s not everyday where you’ll see the most basic dress turned glamour0us, and this is exactly Dara’s forté. Making things your own with a little creativity is the whole point of fashion, and this stylish gal does it in all the right ways.


That’s exactly why we’d suggest checking out the GALVAN Pandora Halterneck Satin Maxi Dress and the VICTORIA BECKHAM Twist-Back Satin-Crepe Gown if you’re looking to snag her style. These pieces may not be the most fabulous buys on the market, by they certainly are extremely easy to style and put together. With pieces like these, you definitely won’t have to spend countless hours getting ready or worrying about what you look like. Darja Barannik’s dress style makes this effortless, one dress at a time.

Shop Darja Barannik's Dress Style

  • JACQUEMUS Notte Embellished Panelled Sateen Midi Dress

  • DÔEN Phoebe Dress

  • COSTARELLOS Roanna Lurex Georgette Knot Midi Dress

  • PACO RABANNE Draped-overlay Cutout Crepe Maxi Dress

  • NBD Daphne Maxi Dress

  • BEC & BRIDGE Moon Dance Cowl Dress

  • L'IDEE Renaissance Gown

  • FOR LOVE & LEMONS Wynne Maxi Dress

  • FOR LOVE & LEMONS X Revolve Black Bustier Gown


Texture And Shape Are Everything

Above all, Darja Barannik’s dress style is all about shape and texture. Whether a body-hugging silhouette with some extra movement, or a textured fabric you can’t find anywhere else—Darja has it. These two elements of dresses are what makes designs what they are. Even the most basic pieces can appear the most fabulous with details like these, however, Darja takes it all to the next level.


Just take the ROSETTA GETTY Satin Slip Dress as an example. You most likely would skip over this hot pick for its simplicity, but its possibilities are endless. On the other hand, dress it up or down or welcome it into a whole new season—the choice is yours. When working with dresses inspired by Darja Barannik, you can do whatever you want to make dresses yours.

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