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We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Aya Jones


We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Aya Jones

It’s no surprise the Aya Jones style is so sought after. From the catwalk to her leisure trips, she seems to always take the trendiest looks with her. From luxurious sequins to romantic lace, Aya is a fashion icon worth noting. She’s one of those influencers who somehow makes everything look good…no matter what it is. Luckily, this is the just the reason to look after her style and snag some inspired looks. We’ve got the rundown on the market’s top 15 looks inspired by the supermodel that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. From casual to formal events, every one of her dresses is appropriate for your stacked calendar. Try something totally new or a fun twist on your favorite pieces like a LBD–the choice is yours. Scroll to explore your new favorite Aya Jones dresses and your best new looks to make every event memorable.

Turning Simple Into Stunning

The Aya Jones style is one of those styles that makes anything look good. While this certainly could be because the influencer is a runway model, every dress she wears looks impeccable. It’s without a doubt that whichever dress you slip on, you’ll look fabulous. Referencing any one of her dresses will ensure that you look your best, always. This is especially true for basic pieces like the KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE Black Lace Insert Fitted Dress as an example. Aya makes any black dress look absolutely unworldly. You too, though, can achieve the supermodel look with a classic pair of black or nude heels and a statement handbag as the finishing touch. You’ll surely look at styling and fashion much differently after you experience an elevated version of your favorite basic looks. After all, the Aya Jones style is known for turning simple into stunning.

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