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We Can’t Stop Thinking About These Elegant Party Dresses


We Can’t Stop Thinking About These Elegant Party Dresses

Elegant party dresses aren’t only a staple when events come around, but are generally always great to have on hand. With the summer season here, you never really know what to expect, so being prepared in your wardrobe is key to soaking up all the fun. Plus, there’s too much excitement to be had to not look your best—and these dresses will make sure that you certainly will look your best at all times. Whether it’s short or long pieces you favor, there are many dresses that’ll suit your partying needs all season long. Scroll to explore our favorite elegant party dresses from the best brands and stores, including your favorites. We’re sure you’ll find at least a couple that’ll catch your eye and win your heart all at the same time. The time to live out a fashionably fun summer is finally here!

ZIMMERMANN Rhythmic Fluted Gown

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Traditionally Elegant Party Dresses

If you came to this edit looking for the more traditional elegant party dresses, then you’ve come to the right place. Although the term can be known as many things, elegance automatically comes with a classic, timeless promise. Whether for a summer wedding or even just a weekend date, you can never go wrong with a classy dress ensemble. The GALVAN Ahena Pearl Open Back Dress and the GALVAN Thalia Freshwater Pearl Dress are perfect examples that showcase this and the beauty they have to offer. With minimal styling and accessories, any woman can pull off this head-to-toe chic look. Better yet, the end result is far worth the splurge—delivering you a timeless style you can wear for summers to come. That’s the beauty of elegant party dresses.

The Modern Side Of Elegance

For those that looked forward to elegant party dresses but were hoping for a modern twist, we’ve got an option for you. Elegance in itself is certainly timeless, but who said that essence couldn’t be trendy? With so many trends to explore and love, it’s actually quite easy to get outside of your comfort zone. Plus, you can never go wrong with having another option in your closet. All it takes is one piece like the DAVID KOMA Sequin Midi Dress to stir up some trouble in your wardrobe. With a look like this, you can get more creative with your accessories and showcase your true style. Play around with color, texture or shape—elegant party dresses have a lot of opportunity waiting for you to check it out!

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GALVAN Thalia Pearl Strap Dress

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