Tight Fitted Dresses That Effortlessly Feel Like Second Skin

When you think tight fitted dresses, you’re most likely to think of bodycons. You are absolutely not wrong, however, 2021 has taken what once was a bodycon, now second skin. How could a dress become second skin, you ask? Well, covering the feeds of your favorite celebrities has been extremely thin fabrics, resembling a second skin. From your mainstream go-to’s to the underground fashionistas, the skin tight trend is one to hop on now. Although Winter, there’s no rule saying you can’t wear such a garment. With the right layers or even just a simple luxury coat, you’ll see just why this is a hit trend of the year. While tight fitted dresses are known for being on the thinner, sheer side, there are thicker options to also snag. Scroll to shop the best, tightest and most flattering bodycons before they sell out!

Second Skin or Your Skin?

Some tight fitted dresses are just unbelievable and have you guessing if it were custom made. While bodycons have a make it or break it reputation when it comes to flattering figures, the right dress won’t do you wrong. As February approaches, leave no room for fear to show your sultry side. The MAGDA BUTRYM Sweetheart Stretch Jersey Midi Dress will do your curves some justice by hugging just the right places. Know for her body-shaping approach to design, Magda Butrym is one of our recommended designers to check out.  With a tighter dress, you can expect styling to be a breeze. Without the distractions of ruffles or layers, you can easily layer on your favorite pieces or match your favorite accessories. Tight fitted dresses aren’t only for showing your body, but building your confidence!

Tight Fitted Dresses To Show Off Everyday

Who said tight fitted dresses had to be kept away for the weekend? As bodycons became the mascot of going-out attire, many began opting for more “day appropriate” ensembles for during the week. However, leave the critical thinking for the critics. A tight dress can work in almost any atmosphere, given its length is suitable for its environment. The ENZA COSTA Silk Rib Half Sleeve Crew Midi Dress is a much more comfortable approach and will have you forgetting you’re even wearing a dress. Similarly, the REFORMATION Jennie Dress is another great choice for those looking for a more playful, laid-back look. From the Zoom meeting to the grocery store, there’s no better way to make wearing a mask all that much better. Tight fitted dresses don’t just have to be sexy, and like any other garment, fashion can be fun!

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