A woman in an elegant terracotta pleated dress holds a large, circular, "These Marine Style Bags Were Made For Everything But The Beach" clutch in front of her. Her arms are crossed, and she wears ornate earrings. Only her torso


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These Marine Style Bags Were Made For Everything But The Beach


When it comes to summer accessories, there’s nothing quite like marine styles bag to elevate your outfit. Not to mention, these unique accessories instantly transport you to the seaside—even if you’re miles away from the beach. Featuring raffia woven textures and marine life references, these bags are the perfect companions for those who love staying trendy. Regardless if trends aren’t really your thing, you can still find joy in rocking the iconic summer style. Looking to bring it to your closet? In this edit, we’ll explore the 30 charming marine style bags we’re adding to our carts as we type.

A woman in an elegant black satin dress with a plunging neckline walks gracefully. She has blonde hair, gold earrings, and carries a white Marine Style bag.


A woman in a chic, leaf-patterned dress and wide-brimmed hat stands confidently, holding a stylish "These Marine Style Bags Were Made For Everything But The Beach," against a backdrop of soft, beige drapery.

SENSI STUDIO Baby Ombré Leather-trimmed Raffia Basket Bag

Marine Style Bags In Summertime Textures & Prints


Marine style bags come alive in the summertime with an array of textures and prints that evoke the spirit of the ocean. From raffia woven textures to playful stripes, these bags are a stylish nod to all things maritime. Canvas materials with nautical motifs, such as anchors and sailboats, further enhance the coastal charm of marine style bags. But you don’t need to go that far when trying to capture this look. Marine styles can be as simple as being woven—and that’s it!


For example, the CULT GAIA Sirena Acrylic Clutch Bag is simple, yet powerful. The combination of these textures and prints is so visually pleasing, that you can’t possibly dress up without this bag. Similarly, the PACO RABANNE Overlapping-disc Raffia Beach Bag also simple, yet interesting. Effortlessly chic, accessories like this one are all you need to look put together. No matter what you’re wearing, marine style bags will instantly switch things up.

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The Beauty Of Summertime Neutrals


While marine style bags come in various colors and patterns, there is an inherent beauty in the allure of neutrals. In most nautical themes, neutrals serve as a solid base that allows the intricate details of the bags to shine. This summer, we can expect to see neutrals taking center stage, with shades like pearl white and sand tan. These understated hues exude sophistication and versatility, effortlessly blending with any outfit. Whether it’s a flowing maxi dress or a casual denim ensemble, these pieces will do just the trick.


Our particular favorite is undoubtedly the SAINT LAURENT Kaia Small YSL Striped Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag. The beauty of this piece lies in its ability to elevate your overall look without overpowering it. And while it’s not the most luxurious bag, the timeless elegance of marine style bags is enough to do your ensemble wonders.

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Two women in colorful dresses sitting on a sandy beach, with focus on their stylish outfits and sandals. One wears an orange dress and the other a green one, both near These Marine Style Bags Were Made For Everything But The Beach.

KATE SPADE NEW YORK What The Shell 3d Pearlized Leather Clutch Bag

A young person with curly hair wearing a dark jacket carries a beige textured These Marine Style Bags Were Made For Everything But The Beach shoulder bag. The logo is clearly visible on the front of the bag.

PRADA Crochet Shoulder Bag

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