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These Luxury Designer Dresses Are Worth Every Penny This Season


These Luxury Designer Dresses Are Worth Every Penny This Season

Luxury designer dresses are the one purchase we all remember. When you get your hands on a special look, something inside you tells you to mark your calendar and book somewhere to go. With all the options on the market, we’ve picked the top 30 to satisfy your next retail therapy spree. After all, every girl feels better after one of those. When it’s all for a one-of-a-kind piece, you can never go wrong. No price tag compares to the joy you feel after investing in one and a designer purchase is certainly an investment worth while. Scroll to discover the best high-end dresses we promise are worth the rage and expense!

ZIMMERMANN Concert Disc Mini Cocktail Dress

LES COYOTES DE PARIS Elsa Floral-Print Puff-Sleeve Long Dress

Designer Dresses Worth The Splurge

Some luxury designer dresses are just that good that they’re worth every penny. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship of luxury apparel is something truly special. Our top favorites on this edit are the ALEX PERRY Spencer Sheath Midi Dress and the ERDRM Louvrnia Ottoline-print Crepe Midi Dress. Unique pieces like this have the power to stop an entire room. For that reason, we highly suggest savoring these styles and pulling them out for a big event. And while these luxury designer dresses seem trendy and seasonally replaceable, they’re far from it. Expect to get some use out of these gems, as their versatility proved to be true through every thread.

Luxurious Pieces That Won't Break The Bank

Not all luxury designer dresses have to break the bank. The definition of a shopping splurge is different for everyone, especially retail. Luckily the market is filled with dresses of all price ranges, perfect for all woman to get a taste. We just so happened to have a specific favorite that we’ve been eyeing since its release. The SELF-PORTRAIT Sweetheart Ruched Swiss-dot Tulle Midi Dress is surely a neck-breaker and the perfect piece to take out on a special occasion. Although not entirely pricey in comparison to other options, this designer dress is worth saving for those special moments. We all have those designer luxury dresses that don’t get brought out until the glam does, and this is one of those hidden gems. Simply throw on your favorite designer heels and handbag for a head-to-toe luxurious look everyone won’t be able to stop looking at.

SELF-PORTRAIT Sweetheart Ruched Swiss-dot Tulle Midi Dress

ALEX PERRY Addilyn Leopard-Print Satin Midi Dress


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