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These Last Minute Dresses Will Save Your Day Every Time


These Last Minute Dresses Will Save Your Day Every Time

We’ve all felt what it’s like searching for designer pieces at the last second. From the most formal events to any other day, you could always use a back up. Searching for an outfit in a rush is never fun, especially when you have plans. But what if we told you that you never had to experience that again? By stocking up on the most timeless pieces, you can build the wardrobe of your dreams. Getting ready is a breeze when you have classics to always turn to. More importantly, classic styles are easy to style and dress up or down. Pairing them with the accessories you already have make it 10x easier to get ready. So you’ll never have to scramble at the last second ever again! With pieces from all from your favorite brands, you’ll never run dry for those special moments!

L’AGENCE Stefani Botanical Button-Front Maxi Dress

DRESS THE POPULATION Alicia Mixed Media Midi Dress

Lean On The Classics

You can never go wrong with classic designer pieces for any occasion. Sometimes we’re simply not in the mood to rock a new color or a new style—and that’s okay. Part of getting ready at the last second is sticking with what you know best: the classics. Whether it’s a LBD like the popular CAROLINA HERRERA Boucle Sleeveless Shift or a summer white piece like the THIRD FORM Draw-in Neck Stretch Tech Midi, there are numerous options to explore. The designer possibilities are endless when you’re open to working with the basics. And if you happen to have trendy accessories on hand, you can take any of these high fashion pieces to the next level with a little creativity. That’s the power of these designer basics!

Trendy Pieces To Experiment With

Not all last minute designer pieces have to LBDs or mini white summer pieces. In fact, the best way to tackle a quick shopping spree is by going big or going home. After all, the summer season is the time to experiment with the latest looks on the market and these pieces are no different. When it comes to getting ready at a later point, why not try something new while you’re at it?

The PRABAL GURUNG Floral Ruffled Midi Wrap Dress and the AZEEZA Edie Off-Shoulder Ruffle Mini Silk Dress offer us the best of both worlds. With a classic cut and a trendy color palette, these two options are just what every woman needs in their closet. Better yet, you can easily pair them with neutral accessories, so you don’t have to scramble to find those either. Getting ready with designer pieces like these is as easy as 1-2-3!

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RACHEL GILBERT Ada Embellished Body-Con Midi Dress

JOSLIN + Net Sustain Liana 2.0 Tiered Ruffled Linen-batiste Maxi Dress

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