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These Asymmetrical Style Dresses Will Be The Highlight of 2022

Asymmetrical style dresses are the best option to try something different. We’ve all felt the feeling of thinking our wardrobe isn’t working well enough. Through endless searches to find the right piece, we’ve concluded that asymmetry might just be the one detail you’re missing out on. Whether it’s the neckline or skirt, asymmetrical details offer a whole lot believe it or not. Just when you think it might be your accessories that are the problem, it’s not. With these pieces, you can lose the stress of having to find the perfect balance in style. As long as you find the perfect asymmetrical style dress for you, you can be out the door in the matter of minutes. After all, isn’t that all we wish for in a dress?

These Asymmetrical Style Dresses Will Be The Highlight of 2022

CHARO RUIZ IBIZA Aurora Midi Dress

These Asymmetrical Style Dresses Will Be The Highlight of 2022

TALLER MARMO Piccolo Ubud One-sleeve Feather-trimmed Crepe Mini Dress

The Iconic Asymmetrical Neckline

If there’s one thing you should note down for 2022’s hottest trends, it’s asymmetrical style dresses. This year will likely be flooded with the popular dress style–all for a good reason. I mean, don’t they just work for every season, event, occasion. What’s there not to love? Our favorites on the market up for grabs are the TOPSHOP One Shoulder Sequin Velvet Mini Dress and the SHOSHANNA One-Shoulder Vegan Faux Leather Dress.

There’s many dresses to buy this winter, but if you’re truly in search for the perfect dress to have your back this year, we would choose one from this duo. Although straight cut hems and symmetrical necklines are pleasing, there’s something edgy about having one side of your body look different than the other. After all, fashion is art, and why not wear it as such? Change up your closet and opt for a different neckline to take your ensembles to the next level.

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  • ALAÏA Archetypes Asymmetric One-shoulder Ribbed-knit Midi Dress

  • RASARIO Ruffled Asymmetric Maxi Dress


Go Asymmetrical From Top To Bottom

Asymmetrical style dresses don’t all focus in on necklines. While it’s most popular to see unbalanced necklines, especially strapless pieces, it’s not all there is. Luckily, that’s exactly why some pieces utilize asymmetry from the bodice below. It’s all about what you’re most comfortable with and what you prefer. After all, with all these possible options on the market, you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing one for you. The GIUSEPPE DI MORABITO Ruffled Cotton Long Dress is a wonderful option for those looking to try out asymmetry for the first time. It’s not hard to find one of these looks around on your favorite celebrities, but we often don’t invest in these pieces for ourselves. But with just a little shopping around–or scrolling through this edit–we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this hidden gem as much as we did.

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These Asymmetrical Style Dresses Will Be The Highlight of 2022

GIUSEPPE DI MORABITO Ruffled Cotton Long Dress

These Asymmetrical Style Dresses Will Be The Highlight of 2022

SHOSHANNA Caprina Floral One-Shoulder Maxi Dress

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