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These Are The Most Wanted Bags On Everyone’s Wishlist


These Are The Most Wanted Bags On Everyone’s Wishlist

The most wanted it bags aren’t only on the market, but soon to be in your closet. Snagging popular looks seems unachievable with so many shops and designers to explore. But the reality is, snagging any “it” look is fairly easy today, and especially this summer. The most wanted bags are widely available, making your favorite influencer looks all within reach. From iconic SAINT LAURENT pieces to a trendy, vibrant BOTTEGA VENETA, there will always be something in store for your personal style. There’s simply no better way to pull of your favorite summer ensembles without the perfect accessories to match. Luckily, designers shoes and these most wanted bags are handpicked and editor-approved for you. So you can feel confident that no matter what you choose, style will always follow!

SAINT LAURENT Le 5 À 7 Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

WANDLER Hortensia Mini Leather Cross-body Bag

Two Undeniably Most Wanted Bags

If you’re going to snag any one of the most wanted bags on the market right now, make it a BOTTEGA VENETA piece. Trendy and virtually versatile for the next couple of years, each piece is undeniably stylish and unique. There’s simply no other explanation for why so many celebrities and influencers have a stock full in their wardrobes. From neutral colors to match your weekly ensembles to a pop of their iconic green color, there’s something in store for you. Our two favorites are the VALENTINO GARAVANI Vlogo Alcove Small Beaded Shoulder Bag and the BOTTEGA VENETA Jodie Teen Leather Tote Bag for obvious reasons. It’s likely that you’ve seen both of these iconic pieces just about everywhere—proving that they are indeed two of the most popular bags.

Popular Hidden Gems

While the most wanted bags are usually in plain site—or at least on social media anyway—there’s more to the eye than popularity. Some of the best designer pieces are hidden away in shop, making it hard to come across. But snagging that celebrity accessory doesn’t have to be a challenge. Hidden gems aren’t always too far from reach, just like the JIL SANDER Embellished Leather Clutch Bag. This unique gem isn’t the most popular, but we’d argue that they’re definitely one of the most wanted. While it seems hard to style a piece so complex, that’s not always true. Pairing an ensemble with one of the most wanted popular bags like this one can be easy when you keep your outfit versatile. Better yet, getting your hands on unique pieces is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up—even if you have to buy another dress for it later!

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MULBERRY Mini Alexa Leather Satchel Bag

BALENCIAGA Lindsay Small Shoulder Bag

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