Close-up of a woman in elegant attire holding a pearl-embellished The Best Designer Clutch Bags For Date Night–And Beyond. She wears a white blazer over a white top with a delicate necklace, focusing on the clutch with both hands.


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The Best Designer Clutch Bags For Date Night–And Beyond

Designer clutch bags are the ultimate accessories for any evening occasion, including date night. Rather than opting for something much more bulky and annoying to carry around, why not try out to something small for a change? Clutches might be smaller than most other options, but they pack a lot of style with such little space. Traditionally more classic in style, clutches are finally back with some heat. Sometimes all it takes it trying a new color, pattern or shape for a change. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what this entire year is about–the new and the unseen. With summer coming up, it only makes sense to stock up on something fresh and trendy to rock around. You might just want to book more date nights with these designer clutch bags!

A glittery red lipstick with a jewel-encrusted case, next to a matching "The Best Designer Clutch Bags For Date Night–And Beyond" adorned with red roses, both placed on a beige surface with sparkling effects.

JUDITH LEIBER COUTURE New Rose Crystal Minaudiere Bag

A woman with brown hair and light skin, wearing a green satin dress and clutching The Best Designer Clutch Bags For Date Night–And Beyond, holds a glittery red and green ornament near her cheek, looking directly at the camera.

JUDITH LEIBER Peach Crystal-embellished Clutch Bag

Hidden Gems That Aren't So Hidden Anymore

Some designer clutch bags are a work of art and what better way to accessorize another work of art than on date night? Sculpture style pieces are perfect for slim fitting and sleek dresses, no matter the color. 2022 is all about mixing and matching your favorites, so it’s the ultimate time to be bold and try something new that you haven’t ever before. The LOEWE x Paula’s Ibiza Flamenco Mini Shell Printed Clutch Bag and the JUDITH LEIBER COUTURE New Rose Crystal Minaudiere Bag are certainly cutches you’ve never seen anything like. With such unique patterns and shapes, they’ll surely stand out against your outfit. No matter if you’re headed on a date or not, you’ll want to keep this designer accessory in your closet for many summer days to come. Sometimes all it takes is one special, unique piece to make a difference in both your wardrobe and your night’s outfit.

A Classic Designer Clutch Bag You Can't Miss

If there’s at least one designer clutch bag you need from this edit, let it be a classic one. You can never go wrong with another simple, solid handbag. Better yet, clutches are back–and back hot. After a period of handles and straps, it’s time to just clutch onto something a bit more stylish and lightweight. That’s exactly why we’re loving the SAINT LAURENT YSL Small Puffer Sequin Clutch Bag for those looking for a timeless, classic piece. Although sequins come and go, you can certainly always wear them through the years, no matter if they’re in. If there’s anything to look for in classic designer clutch bags, it’s the color black. And with this specific piece, you can’t go wrong.

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A woman in a blue midi dress and strappy heels holds The Best Designer Clutch Bags For Date Night–And Beyond. The focus is on her outfit and the clutch, set against a neutral background with a shadow indicating bright lighting.

LOEFFLER RANDALL Ember Crystal Gathered Clutch Bag

A woman in a white dress holds The Best Designer Clutch Bags For Date Night–And Beyond with floral designs, featuring pearls and sequins, in a formal setting with a wooden chair in the background.

FROM ST XAVIER Diamante Vine Box Clutch Bag

Woven Summer Bags That Were Made To Shine On And Off The Beach