A woman in an embellished red party dress with feather details posing elegantly on a reflective surface next to a golden railing, with a warm, dimly lit background enhancing the ambiance.


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Party Attire Is Getting An Upgrade—Wear These Embellished Party Dresses From Now On

Make room for embellished party dresses this year—they’re coming in hot. Where once party attire was basic and easy to throw on, it’s not getting a complete makeover. No matter the occasion, sequins and appliqués were made for every type of celebration. Whether out on the town, right at home, or afar somewhere else, every woman could use some extra dresses in her closet. And luckily for you, the current market is full of options we know you’ll love. Scroll to find not only our top favorites but the industry’s 3o best embellished party dresses from everyone’s favorite brands. Regardless of what catches your eye, you’re in for the best, most fashionable future celebrations of your life, literally. Keep reading to find your favorite ahead of your event.

A woman walks outdoors, wearing a sleeveless white embellished party dress with side cut-outs, carrying a black clutch. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and is looking to the side.

AJE Mirage Beaded Mini Dress

A woman dressed in an elegant black sequined embellished gown holds onto a rail in a dimly lit school bus, giving a dramatic pose as she looks toward the camera.

THE ATTICO Phoebe Cotton-Blend Midi Dress

Embellished Party Dresses For The Eccentric Fashionista

Embellished dresses might look like they’re just made for celebrations, but don’t get these not-so-hidden gems twisted. While usually designed as statement pieces, you can certainly bring embellishments to any kind of occasion.  From feathers, to flower appliqués, to jewels and beyond, we’ll be seeing a whole lot of pieces like these in the coming months. Why not get one or two now?

Our most favorite on the market right now is easily the RACHEL GILBERT Zion Dress. It’s feminine, yet edgy feathering detailing is all you need to stand out against the crowd—and most importantly, stand out against the other embellished pieces. Similarly enough, the THE ATTICO Phoebe Cotton-Blend Midi Dress is the most ideal ensemble for any extra formal celebration. No matter the event at hand, you’ll find that embellished dresses like these will do just the trick at making you feel your best.

  • FOR LOVE & LEMONS Jourdan Mini Dress

  • BADGLEY MISCHKA Fringed Sequin One-Shoulder Dress

  • STAUD Eclipse Sequinned Mini Dress

  • MAC DUGGAL Open Back Lace Up Sequin Mini Dress

  • VALENTINO GARAVANI Illusione Embroidered Tulle Mini Dress

  • ALEX PERRY Sequined Crepe Mini Dress

  • STAUD Le Sable Sequined Tulle Maxi Dress

  • ROTATE BIRGER CHRISTENSEN Sequined Halterneck Mini Dress

  • EMILIA WICKSTEAD Floral-brocade Mini Dress


Embellished Party Dresses For The Low Key Style Icon

Love embellished dresses, but are looking for something a bit more subtle? We’ve got just the pieces you’ve been dreaming of all along. This is especially helpful if you love to wear sequins, but don’t necessarily need your pieces to be as bright and bold as most are. While the trend is go big or go home, you can still look just as stylish without the eccentric details. For example, the DANNIJO Embellished A Line Dress is one piece that perfectly balances being a statement and wearable. While many can be over-the-top, you can still reap the benefits of eccentric party attire without going bright. So if you’re looking to make a subtle statement while also remaining a bit more versatile, embellished party dresses like this one are perfect.

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A woman stands confidently, wearing an elegant yellow dress with a pink feathered top and embellished ruched details. She poses in a dimly lit room, her shadow visible on the dark background
Product Name: Party Attire Is Getting An Upgrade—Wear These Embellished Emilia Wickstead Party Dresses From Now On


A woman in a green "Embellished Party Dresses" with a fringed hem stands in front of a backdrop featuring palm trees and mountains. She has long, wavy blonde hair and looks slightly away from the camera

JOHANNA ORTIZ Royal Dancer Paillette & Feather Mini Dress

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