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Long Sleeve Dresses For Those Romantic Evening Dates


Long Sleeve Dresses For Those Romantic Evening Dates

Long sleeve dresses are flooding the market for the upcoming fall season. There’s no better time of year than now to stock up on your favorite fashionable looks to keep you stylish and warm all season long. The tank top times have seen their end (for now) and it’s time to leverage sleeves up to their potential. Whether it’s a shoulder pad or a buff sleeve, there’s a lot that can be done with a simple long sleeve. Although just a structural part of the design, it can make all the difference. Every detail matters this fall and luckily there’s a lot of them to work with. Trends are certainly at their all time high, making it the best time to snag all of your favorites. With no shortage of fashionable garments, there’s no excuse to not look your best this upcoming season. Make the next few months ones to remember by welcoming the fall in long sleeve dresses.

SAYLOR Celia Lace Long Sleeve Cotton Blend Cocktail MInidress

BLUMARINE Silk Georgette Asymmetric Dress

Long Sleeves That Make A Statement

What better way to show off your long sleeve dress than to make it pop? This fall is full of bold sleeves and shoulders! No matter the romantic setting, you certainly can make your mark with a simple shoulder pad or puff. If we had to narrow down our list to our top 2 bold shoulder looks, they would be the ULLA JOHNSON Esila Ruffled Printed Fil Coupé Silk-blend Mini Dress and the ZIMMERMANN Lace-detail Mini Dress. Without a doubt these two hidden gems have the potential to wow your date. With a classic pair of heels and a small clutch, keeping it simple is key with these looks. Letting the dress do all the talking on a date is the key. You don’t have to do too much when it comes to styling–embracing your personal style and authentic self is all that’s needed. After all, stepping into your own unique spotlight in a romantic setting is all that matters. Pull in the spotlights with long sleeve dresses that’ll keep you warm and fashionable all together!

Subtle, But Sweet

Long sleeve dresses don’t have to be basic and boring. There are plenty of fresh new options this upcoming fall season that you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. Whether a mini, midi, or maxi, there’s enough sleeves to go around. Luckily with 30 different options laid out in front of you, you shouldn’t have a hard time landing a decision on at least one of them. The ANTHROPOLOGIE Faithfull Smocked Midi Dress is surely a piece that’ll make you look twice. While one would argue that a simple dress like this has no potential, we think differently. With classic styling of some simply, yet chic accessories, taking this dress from 0 to 100 is a breeze. After all, good style is knowing how to leverage what you have. This is the perfect instance where a dress can do all the talking without all the yelling. Grab some attention along with some new long sleeve dresses that’ll make your romantic night out an even better time!

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ANTHROPOLOGIE Faithfull Smocked Midi Dress

TOM FORD Silk Minidress

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