A woman leaning on a red scooter, wearing an If You Buy One Trend For Fall, Make It Denim Style Dress, with her hand on her chin. She has long blonde hair and is accessorized with bracelets and a necklace. Lush greenery forms


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If You Buy One Trend For Fall, Make It Denim Style Dresses


Denim style dresses are just one of the things we’ll all have to get used to in the coming fall season. In the ever-evolving world of fashion, some trends get their fame briefly while others etch their place in time. And this time, it’s denim that’s stealing the spotlight. This fall, the famous textile emerges as an essential, promising to redefine the modern woman’s wardrobe. From flirty minis radiating youthful charm to sophisticated midis, denim style dresses offer a versatility that work for just about every occasion. These pieces seamlessly transition from day to night, embodying an aura of laid-back elegance, making them a must-have for every fashion-forward individual. Not to mention, they just so happen to be the next best trend.

A woman with platinum blonde hair wearing an If You Buy One Trend For Fall, Make It Denim Style Dresses stands on a sunny street with residential buildings in the background. She looks to the side with a serious expression.

BDG Joelle Denim Shapeless Mini Dress

A woman in a long, tiered If You Buy One Trend For Fall, Make It Denim Style Dresses stands holding a wicker basket full of red roses in a lush garden setting.

ALICE + OLIVIA Cadby Denim Ruffled Maxi Dress

The Allure of Itty Bitty Denim Dresses


Denim style dresses are more than just trend—they exude an attitude that works for any season. However, the ‘itty bitty’ category takes this enduring material and infuses it with flirtatiousness you don’t find just anywhere. With shorter hemlines, these dresses celebrate the legs, injecting a playful spirit into your look. Fitted silhouettes emphasize curves, while more flared shapes allow for unmatched movement.


If you’re on the hunt for a piece perfect for transitioning into fall, we’ve got just the pick. Approved by editors across the globe, the DAVID KOMA Strapless Denim Bustier Mini Dress is at the top of the list. Whether paired with ankle boots for an urban edge or sneakers, denim style dresses like this one exude an infectious energy. And they just so happen to be ideal for brunches with the girls or casual evenings out.

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Mastering the All-Denim Ensemble


If you aren’t using your denim style dresses for an all-denim outfit, then what are you doing? The idea of an all-denim outfit might conjure up images of the early 2000s—but fear not, this trend has evolved. When done right, an all-denim ensemble exudes confidence and contemporary chic. Consider pairing a denim mini with a slightly oversized denim jacket for a cool, layered look. The key is to play with different washes and textures to create depth and interest.


For example, the LIONESS Smokeshow Denim Strapless Midi Dress and the REFORMATION Eugenia Strapless Denim Dress were created for fall layering. Even when worn alone, it’s perfect suitable for a wide range of events and climates. Add statement accessories like a chunky belt or bold jewelry to break up the denim and add a touch of individuality. With the right styling, an all-denim outfit can be a powerful fashion statement that showcases your sartorial prowess. Plus, having more denim style dresses like these on hand could be your winning style trick.

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A woman with blond hair poses in an If You Buy One Trend For Fall, Make It Denim Style Dress with a patchwork design and button front, standing against a light pink background. She wears subtle makeup and looks directly at the camera.

RAMY BROOK Monica Patchwork Denim Dress

A woman sitting on a chair, wearing an If You Buy One Trend For Fall, Make It Denim Style Dresses with frayed edges and brown heeled sandals, poses against a white background. She has short blonde hair and is

MOTEL Atun Denim Strapless Midi Dress

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