A woman in a shimmering pink Get The Look: Samantha Archibald Dress Style stands confidently in a desert landscape, her hand on her hip and her gaze directed off into the distance.


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Get The Look: Samantha Archibald Dress Style

There’s just something about Samantha Archibald’s dress style we can’t seem to put our fingers on. Is it the breathtaking pink color? The angelic drape? Or what about its flattering asymmetrical cut? Regardless of the reason for your love behind this piece—every detail counts. Samantha surely knows how to put on a show, even with this itty bitty mini dress. And while it certainly does deliver the bit of sultriness we all crave, it sits classically across the body. Besides, there’s nothing quite like looking sexy and elegant—all at the same time. If there’s anything about Samantha Archibald’s dress style, it’s that she knows how to make just about anything work. Always appropriate and stunningly beautiful, this style icon is one to look to for inspiration!

Samantha Archibald's Dress Style

Regardless of what exactly you love about Samantha Archibald’s dress style, there are many other alternatives to turn to in order to get the look. From a good old one-shoulder look to a draped ensemble you’ll just adore, there’s something in store for you. Better yet, finding pieces like these are far from hard. With all that’s available in the current market, nailing down this spectacular look is actually easier than you might think. So if you have a calendar filled with events (or not), this hidden gem would make the perfect companion. Where to start? Start with taking a peek at the GAUGE81 Sebeta One-shoulder Knitted Mini Dress and the LOVESHACKFANCY Pink Revaline Mini Dress for instance. While not spot-on, these two picks will give you that Samantha Archibald style you love dearly.

Put Pink In The Spotlight

If you fell in love at first sight with Samantha Archibald’s dress style, it’s most likely that you fell for its stunning color. Let’s face it, haven’t we all? With pink in the spotlight this winter season and all of the upcoming year, you can’t go wrong with adding more pieces in the famous shade. And luckily, there are many to choose from, only with lots more in the future. For example, the RAMY BROOK Foxy Embellished Mini Dress and the MORE TO COME Sierra Asymmetrical Dress are just perfect for the current season. Fit for the holidays or just a fun evening out, you’ll certainly have a blast in dresses like these. More importantly, no one will have your ensemble. How to do we know this? Well, let’s thank Samantha Archibald and her dress style for that.

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