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Get The Look: Emili Sindlev Dress Style


Get The Look: Emili Sindlev Dress Style

How could we not share this Emili Sindlev dress with you? The stylist and creative director is known for her fashion sense-not that we needed to tell you. From travel essentials you didn’t know you needed to plain old seasonal items that are far from plain, Emili is by far our favorite closet to look to for inspiration. This highlighted look is a Summer essential you need to enter the season in style. While normally we would rage about color, this black and white look caught our eye. There’s nothing the classic color duo can’t do that a color can-especially with this gingham print. Most would say to save it for fall, however, we say bring on the black and white! Pair it with you favorite color for a personal touch or keep It neutral as Emili did here. No matter your choice in ensemble, this Summer will surely be a hot one with this Emili Sindlev dress!

The Black And White Duo Takes The Lead

It’s no surprise this Emili Sindlev dress is in black and white. The popular duo is a hit all-year-round-even for Summer. If you’re thinking you might need more color in your closet, don’t get so caught up. With so many trends saturating the market, it’s perfectly acceptable to stick with a classic color palette. With a silhouette like Emili’s, you don’t need to worry about color so much-let the dress speak for you. The BALMAIN Gingham-check Bustier Pencil Dress definitely puts its style where its mouth is. When sticking with this colorless palette, you can pretty much take advantage of almost any accessory. Whether you choose to add some solid color accents or even a pattern, the opportunities are endless. So on this note-get ready to get creative with a black and white inspired look from this iconic Emili Sindlev dress. You’ll rethink color by the end of this edit.



Emili Sindlev Inspired Dresses That Give The Cold Shoulder

Strapless dresses are often a debate, but after seeing the Emili Sindlev style in action, we think differently. From bright colors that scream 2021 to classic blacks and whites, there’s no debate with these. We just had to include the DION LEE Viscose & Nylon Knit Bustier Dress and the BARDOT Corset Detail Lace Midi Dress in this edit. As the weather gets warmer, your wardrobe should match the steam. These strapless picks are not only sultry enough for a date night, but can be even be worn through the day. What better way to show more skin than under the sun? Whether around the town or on vacation, these two dresses deserve a mention. This Emili Sindlev dress is the only reason we need to stock up on more-and you should too!

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