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Get The Look: Adut Akech Bior Dress Style

It’s no surprise Adut Akech Bior is one of the most popular fashion icons on and off the runway. The high fashion model isn’t chosen by top brands for no reason—her elegance is what makes each and every piece look unique. Luckily for you, snagging her favorite looks isn’t all that challenging. This dress in particular is one we all love, just in time before the summer comes to an end. Better yet, if you have any last minute holiday plans—this piece should be the first one you pack. Paired with flat sandals or completely shoeless by the beach, this blue beauty will take you on an adventure. Adut Akech Bior’s style doesn’t play, and this dress is delivering everything we needed it to!

Adut Akech Bior's Dress Is Unmatched

The most important details to note about Adut Akech Bior’s dress is that it’s both comfortable and stylish. It’s not everyday that you find a summer dress that satisfies both, especially with many of the trending looks on the market. Oftentimes than not, summer pieces are nothing but tight, short dresses that you just wish to slip off. Luckily, this piece is the exact opposite. With a large, loose skirt and bodice, you won’t be itching to get out of this one. Our favorite dupes of this piece are the CINQ À SEPT Addy Striped Tiered Dress and the VINCE CAMUTO Ruffle Strap Slip Dress. These pieces are not only elegant in their drape, but simple enough to style. Getting creative with pieces like Adut Akech Bior’s dress is easy when you have these available. You can always rely on these dresses to have your back when you need something stylish for on-the-go!

Blue Takes The Lead

There’s nothing quite like Adut Akech Bior’s blue dress for celebrating the end of summer. Flowy enough to satisfy your comfortability and stylish enough to keep you fashionable, it’s simply irresistible. If there’s one color you should rock for the rest of the season, make it this blue hue or a similar shade. Blue is a color that looks good on anybody and especially under the summer sun or stars. That’s exactly why we couldn’t curate this edit without the STAUD Landry Stretch-Cotton Dress on the list. While most would lean toward warmer hues, Adut Akech Bior’s dress proves that cool tones are the way to go. There’s nothing quite like a unique shade of blue and this particular piece offers everything you need a summer dress to.

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