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Embellished Party Dresses That Put All Eyes On You


Embellished Party Dresses That Put All Eyes On You

Party season is finally upon us and there’s no better time than now to stock up on embellished party dresses. The solid, basics aren’t being worn these fall and winter seasons. It’s time to let go and let loose with all things embellishments! From sequins to fringe, this time of year is filled with all sorts of exciting textures. Not to mention, they all help keep us a bit cozier during these chilled nights. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your style either. Most of the embellished party dresses on the market are ready to be worn through any weather and with any accessories. Easy to style yet a statement against the crowd, you won’t want to miss what we have in store. Scroll to explore out top 30 options from your favorite brands and stores!

TALLER MARMO Piccolo Ubud Feather-embellished Dress

PINKO Anica Fringe Mini Dress

Embellished Party Dresses That Go Hard

If you’re going to get new embellished party dresses, then you might as well go big or go home. This fall’s hottest trends have yet to disappoint us, and there’s no better year to try something outrageous than now. With fringe, velvet, tulle—or all three in one—there’s a lot to explore when it comes to party attire. After all, if party season is here…why keep your wardrobe boring?

Get wild and out here this fall-to-winter season and wear your boldest dress yet. The TALLER MARMO Ubud One-shoulder Feather-trim Gown and the DAVID KOMA Sequin-Embellished Asymmetric One-Shoulder Midi Dress are two hidden gems we’ve been eyeing since they were released. While not your average party dresses, they certainly will make a positive impact. In fact, all embellished party dresses do.

Trendy, But Keep It Wearable

Not all embellished party dresses have to be over-the-top. While crazy sequins are great to wear from time to time, you don’t always have to keep it so extreme. Sometimes we just want to look fashionable and feel cozy at the same time—and that doesn’t always mean taking extreme measures to look your best. While we love what the world of embellishments has to offer, there’s many modest versions to love. Our two favorites for keeping it simple yet daring are the OCEANUS Sofia Sequinned Mini Dress and the DODO BAR OR Julie Sequin-embellished Mini Dress. Most would skip over these, but we’d suggest taking the risk. There’s no such thing as being too trendy and these two embellished party dresses let you live it up—all while being comfortable!

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ZIMMERMANN Kaleidescope Crystal-embellished Ruffled Cotton-blend Lace Midi Dress

LELA ROSE Stretch-Wool Crepe Tassel Column Dress (on the right)

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