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27 Short Winter Dresses That Won’t Leave You Freezing


27 Short Winter Dresses That Won’t Leave You Freezing

Have you stocked up on mini winter dresses? Most likely not. Mini dresses carry the reputation for being pieces exclusively used in the spring and summer. While yes, the short garment is known to show more skin, it certainly shouldn’t be constrained to a couple of seasons. Depending on the sleeve size, fit and material, mini winter dresses can actually be quite useful in the winter time. This is especially true if you like to layer, as shorter garments are great to layer under your favorite winter jackets or even paired with some tights. Better yet, a great pair of long knee-high boots can come in handy, and certainly add some extra style into your ensemble. Nonetheless, don’t miss out on these latest mini winter dresses. There’s plenty to go around!


FIGUE Peony Dress

The Loyal Knit Winter Dress

When it comes to mini winter dresses, the possibilities are endless. However, knits are likely to be the first thing you think of. While there is certainly many wool and cashmere options on the market, it’s important to be particular with what you set your heart on. That’s exactly why having a LBD, particularly a knit LBD, is a great advantage this winter. So if you’re on the market for another warm knit dress, then the REBECCA TAYLOR Turtleneck Peplum Dress was made for you. Your wardrobe and calendar will thank you. You won’t have to worry much about putting together your next outfit–whether formal or informal. A solid black look may be all you need to wrap this mini winter dress up into your best fashion asset yet!

More Winter-Friendly Mini Dresses

Not all mini winter dresses are created equal. While some may prefer knit, you might like something a little lighter. Luckily, you don’t have to be wrapped in wool all winter long. As long as you layer up or at minimum stick to dresses with long sleeves, you can open your wardrobe to an endless list of lighter textures. Just take the BALMAIN Ruched Jersey Mini Dress and the ZIMMERMANN Andie Lace-paneled Mini Dress for example. They’re not knit pieces whatsoever, but they’re both compatible with the chillier weather. Pair them with your favorite heeled boots and coat for a polished winter look. You won’t regret brining these mini winter dresses into the season. Say hello to short dresses more often in winter of 2022!

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CELIAB Andromeda Dress

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