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21 Versatile Long Dresses To Buy Before The Temperature Drops


21 Versatile Long Dresses To Buy Before The Temperature Drops

As fall approaches, you might be caught a little off guard with this versatile long dresses edit. Why long dresses just before fall you ask? While maxis are most certainly known for their summer flair, the longer fabric could actually be useful in the coming cool months. After all, who couldn’t use some extra warmth or fabric to style with? These hidden gems are essentials to all seasons, and can best be worn alone or even layered with your favorite basics. So the next time you scroll past numerous versatile long dresses, try giving them a try. Bringing the summer season along with you isn’t such bad idea. The longer the dress, the better the style–in this case! Scroll to discover endless midi to maxi dresses you just might adore too much.

ANTHROPOLOGIE Somerset Maxi Dress


Extending Summer With Dresses

Can’t seem to let go of the sun rays? No problem! Use versailte long dresses as a means for keeping the season close at heart. All it takes is one breezy maxi and you’re off on another holiday mid fall. Why say goodbye to your favorite time of year when you have dresses like the ANTHROPOLOGIE Somerset Maxi Dress. Throw on your favorite sandal heels to squeeze out every last bit of heat and you’re off. Similarly, the MISA Dominika Dress is another great summer-inspired piece just about any woman can enjoy. We could all use versatile long dresses like these to carry us through every awkward seasonal transition. With a stocked up closet on these essentials, you’ll never be without a go-to ensemble. Summer or fall, turn to a good old maxi dress for help!

Versatile For Whichever Season

Versatile long dresses, particularly maxis, aren’t just for summer. As we approach the fall season, you can still pull these hidden gems out to compliment your wardrobe. Whether layered or worn alone, some extra length won’t hurt. The best part of dresses like the SINDISO KHUMALO + The Vanguard + Net Sustain Miss Celie Ruffled Broderie Anglaise Cotton Dress is that you have ample styling freedom. Throw on a pair of booties if you’re eager for fall or open toe sandals if you can’t let go of summer. Whichever season you choose to rock it, this ensemble is guaranteed to look appropriate and the utmost fashionable. After all, the more fabric, the more fun. Use versatile long dresses to your advantage by exploring the various ways you can take a plain old outfit and make it something special.

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GEISHA DESIGNS Floral Organdy Maxi Dress

Must-Have Fall Dresses To Buy Before They’re Gone!


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