21 Basic Everyday Dresses Even Non-Dress People Will Love

We know not all basic everyday dresses are for everyone. That’s the main reason we’ve curated this edit—to give you the most or your non-dress wardrobe. It’s time to get loose, lose the pants and snag a dress. Comfortability surely isn’t a worry with these top 15. Simply slip on your favorite and then any choice in shoe (or none) and be on your way. You could even throw on sneakers as a more casual look. After all, these basic every dresses are meant to be versatile. Lounge by the couch or outdoors in the sunshine for the best experience. Ultimately, dresses are the best way to add some personality into your overall look in the matter of seconds!

Solid Basics Work For Everyone

You’re already taking a chance at trying our top basic everyday dresses. We won’t make you change your wardrobe entirely. Why not try new solid shades of color and skip the patterns for a welcoming introduction? There was no writing this edit without including the SEA Shannon Scalloped Tiered Ramie Dress. It’s the perfect designer addition to your closet and the most versatile piece you can own. Forget the hassle of having to spend countless precious minutes styling your outfits and take the risk on this daring piece. Say hello to seamless everyday fashion and going pant-less! Scroll on to uncover the rest of our favorite basic everyday dresses. You can certainly count on our next picks if you aren’t convinced by now!

The Comfiest Everyday Dresses That Better Replace Pants

Basic everyday dresses require comfortability at a bare minimum. No matter where you’re headed—work or errands, you deserve to feel confident in your ensemble. There’s no need to worry about pulling down  dresses or picking at waists for some breathable freedom. Our top two go-to’s we recommend are the EVA FRANCO Cassis Maxi Dress and the CHARLIE HOLIDAY Isabella Cover-Up Midi Dress. You can’t count us in for anything that doesn’t require too much thought to pull together. Get your day going the fastest you’ve ever seen it with these. Hidden gems like these are often missed for more fancy options, however, don’t give the side eye to what’s comfy and casual. These basic everyday dresses might just be your new favorites—whether you like dresses or not!

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