We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Esther Areola

One glance at a dress and you will be left wondering how to dress like Esther Areola. Firstly, It’s impossible to not want to drool over how luxe and feminine the influencer’s pieces are and not want one of your own. Although snagging her looks appear difficult, the market is flooded with hidden gems. Get your keyboard ready to scroll and snag a dress inspired by the fashionista! The day has come and we’ve got you covered on a complete rundown of each Esther Areola dress. From florals to basics, you have plenty of choices to get ahold of her iconic style. If you’re into everything sultry, yet girly chic, this edit holds the gates to heaven! At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with another sexy dress in your closet!

What Makes An Esther Areola Dress

If you ask us, an Esther Areola dress style is iconic because of two things: a statement element and a classic flair. However, Esther tends to stray away from too many prints, and opts for a more solid color way. Although delicate florals make their way into her wardrobe, her ensembles always resort to looking minimalistic, yet compelling. If you’re wanting to snag the standard Esther Areola style, the ASOS DESIGN Cotton Ruched Body-conscious Mini Dress is the ultimate dress style to start with, for instance. Every element of its design points to the icon’s direction, giving you every ounce of chicness. Overall, A solid dress like this is ideal for styling optimization.

When it comes to incorporating Esther’s love for florals and feminine color ways, this dress has it all. For example, the FOR LOVE & LEMONS Annie Midi Dress is the perfect play on texture and textiles. Ultimately, it’s the prefect example of a classic play on modern trends. If you’re in love with her silhouettes but needed a little kick out of the solid colors, this dress is made for you. You can’t go wrong with a little bit of fun and this gem can start the party for you!

Shop Esther Areola’s Style

Take Esther’s Style For A Spin

There’s no right way or wrong way to snag the Esther Areola style. However, there are ways you can make your influencer-inspired shopping trip easier. As we enter deeper into the Fall season, dresses have naturally become a staple across many layered ensembles. It’s important to take advantage of the hottest trends and there are many ways to use dresses when trying to incorporate trends into your wardrobe. As a result, this fashionista is the perfect fashion influencer to seek iconic looks.

All while building the perfect seasonal array of looks, you can also enjoy your favorite looks from your social feeds. For example, the REDEMPTION Ruched Metallic Mini Dress is a look when wanting to make a fashion statement. While it’s not too bold to mix into your Fall fashion, its fabric is enough to get your attention to peek behind a classic coat. However, letting the dress speak for itself is something Esther would do. It’s no doubt that her style is versatile enough to make just about any woman happy!

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