We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Tina Kunakey

No doubt you’ve peeked at this model’s looks and wondered how to dress like Tina Kunakey. Being more than a model in her own right, the natural beauty is also a fashionista. Whether it’s making her brand partnerships look killer or simply dressing herself, Tina is always shocking her fans. No only would you find yourself excited to dress up, but her simple, yet extravagant wardrobe is enough to satisfy any woman’s fashion sweet tooth. From luxurious textured gowns to flirty minis, she’s got it all. Versatility at the forefront, we promise there isn’t a piece you won’t adore after lurking through our curated edit. Your holiday and new year checklist will be complete after clicking through! Scroll to shop dresses inspired by the iconic Tina Kunakey style you are surely about to adore!

Become A Supermodel With The Tina Kunakey Style

If you ask us, almost every Tina Kunakey dress screams supermodel. It’s no doubt that the fashionista knows how to work her angles, making each dress look like a true masterpiece. Luckily for you, you can also work some magic. For example, the AQUA Feather Trim Mini Dress is a great gem to celebrate the new year in fashion. Not only will this guarantee a smile on your face, but you can also expect others to get excited as well. When a trendy statement like feathers are involved, expect styling to be a breeze. Similarly, the EMILIO PUCCI Light Jersey Yellow Long Dress is another pop of color to get your hands on. Paired with a classic pair of shiny silver or nude pumps and clutch, you will surely be the next fashion inspiration. From one Tina Kunakey dress to the next, there’s never any room for disappointment.

Shop Tina Kunakey’s Style

Bring Elegance Into Your Everyday Life

There are numerous ways to incorporate the Tina Kunakey style into your everyday wardrobe. With the holidays here and ready, you can tie these gems in just about any occasion coming up. There’s no better time of year to pull out the extravagant and elegant pieces that Tina has to offer. The SUSANA MONACO Ruffle Wrap Puff Sleeve Dress is the utmost everyday-friendly piece. Not only is this similar to one of the influencer’s dresses above, but it’s a trendy staple. You can never go wrong with a comfortable mini, whether night or day. Throw on a pair of Winter-appropriate heeled booties or classic pumps for an overall classic look. With this Tina Kunakey inspired dress, no gal can go wrong!

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