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We Love Her Dresses… How To Dress Like Quigley Goode

When we’re looking to go that extra mile with our dresses we can always count on Quigley Goode for inspiration. Her closet is brimming with one of the most beautiful collections of designer silhouettes we’ve ever seen! And, never one to shy away from bold design, Quigley’s also our go-to girl for vibrant shades and playful prints. So, if you’re wanting to update your closet in a way that feels incredibly fun yet undeniably chic, you’re in the right place. This edit is full of dresses handpicked to replicate some of her most memorable looks to date! Will you choose a striking patchwork design by Dolce & Gabbana? Or is a Quigley-Esque mini dress by Rhode just what you’re looking for? No matter which you decide to add to your lineup, your closet’s about to become instantly more beautiful!

Scrolling Quigley Goode’s dress looks always puts a smile on our faces. And that’s just what your own closet should do for you! With that in mind, we highly recommend getting your hands on the Rhode Ella Belted Floral Print Cotton Voile Mini Dress. Much like Quigley’s own Rhode dress, this one boasts a super fun print. It also has a gorgeously flattering silhouette, a waist tie belt, and a floaty mini skirt with plenty of swish. It’s the ideal dress for summer picnics yet it can also be dressed up with heels for evening commitments.

For an equally beautiful yet somewhat bolder print, opt for Dolce Gabbana Patchwork Floral Print Cotton Poplin Midi Dress. Its wide shoulder straps and fitted bodice are simply stunning. Meanwhile, this dress demands attention with its unique blend of florals, stripes, and animal prints. Slip into this one with heels and, if you’re feeling really bold, a crown just like our style stars’!



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