We Love Her Dresses…How To Dress Like Monikh Dale

There’s no better breath of fresh air than looking through the iconic Monikh Dale style. The influencer has gained an audience over the years through her minimalistic, clean look. If there’s one person that aces the all-natural game, it’s her. From loose, basic maxi dresses to soft patterned, she holds a neutral wardrobe every woman can enjoy. If you’re looking into a comfortable, relaxing way to see your efforts come to life amongst current trends, look to Monikh Dale for all of your dress inspiration. Shop our edit of the best dresses inspired by her flawless style by scrolling our curated edit below!

Make Basic Go Farther

The Monikh Dale style makes wearing maxi dresses look like a day job, and boy, are we okay with that! Not only are long dresses the ultimate excuse to feel comfortable in your skin, but they allow you more fabric to show off more of your style. Take the ALLSAINTS Eris Dress, for instance. Regardless of its monochromatic color palette, its silhouette speaks volumes. If there’s one brand that’s most similar to Monikh’s style, its All Saints. Similarly, the ALLSAINTS Tier Dress has a wonderful shape to fit your everyday routine. Basic doesn’t have to mean boring; it can mean more opportunity for styling and accessorizing. While there is freedom to shine, Monikh tends to opt for a more simple, clean look, giving off that natural fashionista glow!

Shop Monikh Dale’s Style

Patterned Dresses For A Finished Look

If you ask us, prints and patterns complete a look. The Monikh Dale style is all about that–pulling together a dress, whether in color or silhouette. If you’re into more colorful options, snag a simple maxi with a pop up pattern. The ALEXANDRA MIRO Exclusive To Mytheresa – Diana Printed Cotton Dress is a great example. You would surely find this gem in Monikh’s closet. From florals to tropicana-inspired prints, there is enough inspiration to search the market for the perfect Monikh Dale dress. Throw on a pair of neutral sandals and slick your hair back into a simple pony or bun for a fresh, flawless look. Keeping it simple could go a long way, and with this look, it’ll be obvious where the inspiration came from. Find your next favorite dress from one of many of the iconic pieces from Monikh Dale!

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