Vintage Inspired Dresses That Are Making A Comeback

Although the influential days of Marilyn Monroe and Aubrey Hepburn have come to their end, vintage inspired dresses have managed to flood the market. With lasting impacts from the 1950’s-1990’s fashion decades, numerous trends have made its way into a modern manner whom all can enjoy. From gracious pleats to grand princess skirts and drop hems, the elements of the past find its place in an ever-changing industry. With more and more designers looking to explore new avenues and design techniques, there is no better time to bring out the inner Monroe. Shine your brightest in the world’s most coveted, vintage inspired dresses. Whether in 2020 or beyond, these looks will surely follow the industry for a lifetime ahead.

PHILOSOPHY DI LORENZO SERAFINI Embellished Two-Tone Satin Maxi Dress
ALESSANDRA RICH Lace-trimmed Sequin-embellished Velvet Gown

Classic Trends To Enjoy Now 

Like any other trends, there are some vintage inspired dresses that can only be enjoyed in the spur of the moment. While these fads may make an appearance again in the future, the time to rock these looks is now. From corsets to slips, these elements can spice up your wardrobe for the remainder of the year. Make your statement with the RASARIO Corset Ruffle Mini Dress, one of our favorites. It’s clear it’s vintage composition lingers throughout its silhouette and detailing, giving you every reason to enjoy the classical look while it lasts. Not only are vintage inspired dresses an excuse to play dress-up, but a window of opportunity to be your own ultimate stylist. Pair with classical jewelry and vintage heels for an overall fabulous, old-time look.

Vintage Dresses That’ll Stick Around Forever

Like the little black dress, some vintage inspired dresses are meant to stick around forever. Unlike trends and fads, these pieces will remain timeless through the next generations. You can never go wrong with a dress that was fashionable then and fashionable now. We recommend trying to tie in the THE ROW Dario Mohair & Wool Dress into your dress collection. Regardless of it being vintage-inspired, it’s hard not to think it could be a new 2020 trendsetter. Similarly, the BALMAIN Sleeveless Viscose Crepe Midi Dress is another great classic alternative to the everyday fad-saturated market. The more timeless pieces incorporated into your everyday essentials, the more prepared you are for today’s and tomorrow’s affairs. With minimal accessorizing and nothing but confidence, your inner Hepburn will shine right through. Snag one of these vintage inspired dresses from the world’s leading online retailers!

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TALLER MARMO Olympia Fringe Shift Dress
ALESSANDRA RICH Embellished Tulle Mini Dress

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