These Off The Shoulder Bodycon Dresses Will Win Your Heart Over

Off the shoulder bodycon dresses are the easiest way to put a smile on your face. Looking for a garment to win your heart over? We have the complete and thorough rundown on all things tight and shoulder-less. No matter the destination, these gems will have you feeling like a million bucks! With more Summer-friendly color palettes entering the market, you can find an off the shoulder dress just about anywhere. The collarbone is an exceptionally attractive part of the woman’s body–adding just the right amount of sweet and spicy. Whether you’re into casual options or going-out pieces, every woman can enjoy the impact of the perfect dress. Scroll to uncover our top body con finds to hug your curves and brighten your day!

BALENCIAGA Red Crushed Velvet Shorts Dress
BERNADETTE Julia Taffeta Floral Printed Dress

Off The Shoulder Bodycon Dresses For The Everyday

Who said tight dresses had to be stored away for the one-time-only events? Off the shoulder bodycon dresses are the ultimate spicy piece to add depth and shape to your wardrobe. From a trip to the farmer’s market or a day out in the park, these dresses are picture-worthy. The NBD Augustine Mini Dress is our favorite for everyday festivities. Luckily for you, these bodycons can also be comfortable with complimentary fabric. With a little bit of stretch and length, you can be sure that you stay fashionable in your daily activities. Similarly, the CAROLINE CONSTAS Calla Off Shoulder Floral Mini Dress paired with a fresh pair of walkable sandals or tennis shoes can add the plump you need! No matter the chore or errand, there’s no need to leave the bodycons at home.

On The Formal Flip Side

Chores and errands aside–some of us have places to go and people to meet. To live up to the tight dress reputation, we have the download on the ultimate off the shoulder bodycon dresses for those important-than-usual events. With the appearance of the decolletage and deeper textiles and colors, we are tempted to snag a bodycon dress and head out the door. The REFORMATION Cassius Off The Shoulder Black Dress is a great example for doing just that. From a late-night dinner extravaganza to a catch-up brunch, these babies have it all. It doesn’t matter how plain and basic these dresses can be, the silhouette and neckline are to-die-for. The days of searching for the perfect piece to win your heart over is here–they’re calling you!

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CAROLINE CONSTAS Calla Off Shoulder Floral Mini Dress
REFORMATION Cassius Off The Shoulder Black Dress

Trust Us, These Are The Prettiest Dresses In The World Right Now