The Vampire’s Wife Creates Enchanting Dresses

The Vampire’s Wife womenswear fashion collection has some of the hottest dresses on the planet right now. Think gothic victoriana baroque, sexy, elegant and whimsical … a vampire girls dream dress.

The Vampire’s Wife is the ethereal wonder fashion collection designed by Susie Cave … wife of singer Nick Cave. Created in 2014 … originally a collection of dresses, has grown into one of the coolest and seriously in demand fashion labels across the globe.The Vampires Wife’s dresses are loved and worn on the red carpet by celebrities such as Dakota Johnson, Lilly James, Cate Blanchett and Kate Moss. Kate has been quoted as saying “The Vampires Wife’s dresses are like little house on the prairie” gone luxe.” Former model Susie created The Vampires Wife label because she couldn’t find anything she wanted to wear … especially for the evening! Susie decided to design dresses for herself and it wasn’t long before her circle of friends were wearing her wonderful dresses too … within a very short her small collection grew into the Internationally acclaimed fashion collection it now is. Stocked by the leading fashion stores worldwide the collection is the fashion buyers go to collection for dresses … often the first collection to sell out.

We @ We Select Dresses love Susie Cave’s The Vampires wife dresses

We are not alone … every once in a while in the World Of Fashion we are treated to dresses as unique, edgy and beautiful as The Vampires Wife’s.