The Most Versatile Dresses You Can Dress Up Or Down For The Holidays

With uncertainty surrounding the upcoming holiday month, it’s important to keep the most versatile dresses in your closet. Whether you end up heading out or right at home, these pieces can be dressed up or down. While versatile dresses may seem basic when falling off the tongue, you don’t have to compromise on style. You can still take a sparkly, festive piece and make it work with causal styling. Whether it’s your shoes or hairstyle, anything is possible to tailor your occasion. Black is not only a classic color to always have on-hand, but it’s the most versatile base to work off of. With a splash of color or added sparkle, you can easily spruce up any look to your liking. No matter where you’re headed this holiday season, you can count on these most versatile dresses!

ADELYN RAE Suzette Lace Ruffle Cocktail Dress
ALEXIS Farrah Vegan Leather Dress

Make Glamour Your New Best Friend

When most people hear the most versatile dresses, they don’t normally think of sequins or sparkles. However, there are numerous ways to take what would’ve been a formal dress, and make it work for your informal festivities. The MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Spaced Galaxy Ruffle Dress is the perfect example of a piece that looks over-the-top on the surface. With a carefree hairstyle like a messy bun or bed-head waves and simple flats, you can be sure to make it look effortless. Ditch the crazy bodycons and opt for a spacious piece like this to deliver the versatility you need. As long as you can move freely in these most versatile dresses, that’s all that quite matters! Don’t let the fear or shining bright stop you from styling your way!

Stick With The Versatile Basics

As mentioned before, black is the key to the most versatile dresses. Not only would these gems work any other day of the year, but the holiday season is perfect for a LBD or longer. If you’re looking for a subtle way to stay stylish, this is how to do it. We love the CAROLINA HERRERA Ottoman Corset Knit Midi Dress and what it can do for your wardrobe. Keep it cool or spice it up with some pumps and a trendy overcoat for a more festive look. Similarly, the MISSGUIDED Puff Sleeves Blazer Dress is great for those looking for a mid-to-formal, classic dress. Without being too eye-catching, it’s silhouette will be enough to grab someone’s eye. There’s nothing better than slipping into an effortless ensemble and still receiving the best compliments from those close to you. Enjoy your holiday season with the most versatile dresses to not only light up your holiday season, but 2021!

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STYLE CHEAT Exclusive Velvet Ruched Side Detail Midi Dress
LELA ROSE Mockneck Lace Hem Seamed Knit Dress

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