The Celebrity Love Affair With Gucci Dresses

Gucci dresses continue to be celebrities and fashionista’s must have treasured garment. Celebrities including Elle Flanning, Florence Welch, Hari Nef, Beyonce, Salma Hayek and Dakota Johnson continue to wear Gucci dresses and love Alessandro Michele’s revitalised Gucci. We Select Dresses feature celebrities wearing the Gucci dresses around the globe and are loving the look.

All the fashion glitterati and fashion influence’s desire Gucci and celebrities are no exception, wearing Gucci dresses constantly on the red carpets.

We select our edit of Gucci Autumn Winter 2017 dresses sold online from some of the worlds leading online stores.

Gucci continues its meteoric rise under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele and we adore his eclectic colourful dresses we have selected. Alessandro’s amazing Gucci dresses are created with wonderful exotic floral prints encrusted with sequins, embroidery and mixed with the finest lace.

Gucci’s dresses for Autumn Winter 2017 are the most beautiful whimsical creations … dresses created by Gucci’s most successful designer since Tom Ford back in the 90’s. Hence this is what makes Gucci so hot at the moment … the must have collection.

Gucci’s stores worldwide continue to have queues @ the doors with customers waiting in line to purchase Alessandro Michele’s collection.  Therefore you have to be quick with your purchases as fashionista’s globally will be snapping up Gucci as soon as they go online and in stores!.                

Gucci Catwalk

From catwalk to celebrities wearing Gucci Lovers

Dresses with Floral’s, neck bows and layering were in abundance at the Gucci Autumn Winter 2017 runway which are now available at We Select Dresses .. brimming with jewels, sparkles, prints, colour and butterflies. A wonderfully bohemian mix of eclectic styles … its  no wonder everyone wants to wear these beautiful dresses.


Gucci catwalk Autumn Winter 2017

Elle Fanning on the Red Carpet

Gucci Catwalk Autumn Winter 2017

      Florence Welch and Hari Nef in Gucci

Beyonce in Gucci

Charlotte Casiraghi in Gucci

charlotte casiraghi in gucci

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Gucci and Beyond

Creative Director Alessandro Michele inspired by the sci-fi movement of the 1950s and 60s, including the cult TV series Star Trek. Mixing dinosaurs, aliens and robots with outer space landscapes and retro-futurist spaceship interiors to create a backdrop for this colorful campaign shoot for Gucci Fall Winter 2017 shot by Glen Luchford. Gucci rich colors and fabrics come alive in the drama filled sequences as earthlings verses the outer space beings.


Gucci and Beyond Autumn Winter 2017 Ad Campaign


Gucci Fall Winter 2017 Campaign: Gucci and Beyond | Director's Cut