Statement Sleeve Dresses To Work Into Your Everyday Routine

There’s no rule book stating that statement sleeve dresses should be brought out only for formal events. If you ask us, these gems are not only the hottest trend of the year, but can be versatile enough for everyday wear. From enormous puff sleeves to a simple shoulder pad, sleeves are a great way to play with trends and style. There is an array of possibilities out there to work with this design element, giving you a different look each time you wear it. Whether you lean towards a more feminine wardrobe or a masculine look, there is a bold sleeve out there for you. Take your ensembles to the next level by making an entrance no matter how informal or formal the occasion is. Shop our edit of only the best statement sleeve dresses from the world’s leading online stores!

SISTER JANE Idle Polka Dot Puff Sleeved Maxi Dress

Statement Sleeves To Live In

There’s nothing like airy, comfy statement sleeve dresses to throw on and chill at home. Don’t wait to look fashionable–bring your style to the couch or errand runs. The ENGLISH FACTORY Lace Trim Dress is a perfect piece to become your go-to home attire. Lay outside or sit in for the day with pride in knowing you look good. With a quick throw-on of flats or even sneakers, you can be productive and comfortable at the same time. Similarly, the LOVESHACKFANCY Stella Short Sleeved Mini Dress is a chicer option to enjoy the last days of sunshine. Enjoy the sun rays by the Autumn harvest or sip your coffee on the patio with a style like no other. Comfier than loungewear and more fashionable than a pair of sweats, these statement sleeve dresses will be your new favorites!

Upscale Your Work Attire

Opting for statement sleeve dresses is the ultimate way to spruce up your work attire. Combining trends and office-appropriate wear is the best way to modernize your uniform. Excite your day with the perfect dress to not only attract the attention of your colleagues, but make your day a bit sunnier. The RAMY BROOK Rita Print Tie Neck Long Sleeve Dress is a great piece to tie in transparent statement sleeves and a length suitable for a professional look. Color and pattern doesn’t have to be reserved for an informal atmosphere–bring in all of the style you can! Pull out the classic heels and chic hairdo to tie it all together and you’re ready to sail the day away. Stock up on statement sleeve dresses today to reenergize your wardrobe and spirit!

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LOVESHACKFANCY Stella Short Sleeved Mini Dress

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