We Select The Sexiest Halloween Party Dresses 

We select the sexiest Halloween party dresses for all you vamps out there from our favourite online fashion stores. Halloween parties are the perfect occasion for you to glam yourself up and go super sexy! The party season is just beginning and we are excited to be selecting dresses for the sexiest of all parties …  Halloween. Follow our style and edit on Halloween party dresses and you will look and feel beautiful special and above all very sexy … let the rest of girls scare the boys at the party!

We @ We Select Dresses are huge fans of the ethereal superstar artist Natalie Shau! Our creative buying director Paul Sexton was friends with Natalie a number of years ago and very much liked and respected Natalie and her work. Paul loved Natalie’s ethereal work and connected Natalie with the super model Kristen McMenamy as he thought they would be perfect for collaboration. Natalie Shau’s work has appeared in numerous leading fashion and art publications and collaborated with some of the biggest global musicians and companies. Natalie’s work is very fashion and could easily have become a very special fashion designer. We love the dresses Natalie has created in her artwork and we are sure you love them too!

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Natalie Shau

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