Judith Leiber Couture Martini Crystal-embellished Clutch Bag




You are forever going to love dressing up with the JUDITH LEIBER Martini Crystal-Embellished Clutch Bag! Reputable designer Judith Leiber’s stunning Picante olives and Martini glass-inspired crystal design will elevate any dinner attire. This striking bag is made in Italy using elaborate silver workmanship and captivating crystal accents. This design, which includes an easy-to-use top clasp and an interchangeable shoulder chain, is the epitome of sophistication and luxury. Enjoy the distinctive charm of Italian workmanship and use this amazing item to make a bold fashion statement.

Product details

Dimensions: Max width 3.9in/10cm, Height 6.3in/16cm, Max depth 3.1in/8cm

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Selected by Talita Zoe


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Reviewed by Maria Sadiq


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Review published on: November 9, 2023

Why do we love this bag?

We love this product because choosing this ideal accessory makes a big difference when it comes to dressing up for important events. For individuals who love to upgrade their evening outfit and make a statement, the Judith Leiber Martini Crystal-Embellished Clutch Bag is an absolute must-have to give you the best look ever.

Why should I buy this bag?

It’s essential to buy this product because it gives you a look unlike any other thanks to the glass-inspired crystal design. This bag has a unique look to it, which means you purchasing it will definitely be worthwhile in the future, as this design has rarely been seen anywhere.

Where would I wear this bag?

This product is perfect for when you are heading out for an early dinner during the evening. It exudes the most gorgeous look especially when you have minimal things you want to store in the purse and it gives the best and coolest look ever.

What shoes should I wear with this bag?

We styled the look with STUART WEITZMAN Stuart Point-toe Pumps. They would go perfectly with the Judith Leiber Martini Crystal-Embellished Clutch bag. These types of heels match the look you are going for perfectly.

What dress should I wear with this bag?

We styled the look with NORMA KAMALI Diana Lamé Strapless Dress. It has the sleek and sensual look that can bring this bag to life.

What we don't love about this bag?

Because the crystals are so intricate, there is a chance they can fall off easily. But as long as you treat it with care, there is nothing to worry about!