Is It Just Us, or Is Every Celeb Wearing Tadashi Shoji Dresses?

Is It Just Us, or Is Every Celeb Wearing Tadashi Shoji Dresses?

Is It Just Us, or Is Every Celeb Wearing Tadashi Shoji Dresses?

Ever wondered what famous celebrities are wearing on the red carpet? Chances are, it might be one of Tadashi Shoji dresses! Specializing in breathtaking bridal dresses and unique evening wear; Tadashi Shoji is a well-known designer and his designs are worn by celebs across the world.  He is an American-based Japanese designer who successfully runs his own company and is also the head designer for it.


Tadashi Shoji never planned on becoming a fashion designer. Ever since he was a kid, he wanted to be an artist. Born and raised in Sendai, Japan, he got a chance to work with Japan’s leading contemporary artist, Jiro Takamatsu. After working there for three years, he realized that he could not get very far in the art world living in Japan. So, he moved to the United States and ended up in college and in the fashion-design department. Even though he had never sewn anything in his life, he quickly realized that fashion itself was an art. In his first semester at college, he learned about draping and realized that it is like sculpting on a woman’s body. The TADASHI SHOJI Camilla Tea-length Dress is a super popular design and is one of the most beautiful pieces in the collection.


Tadashi Shoji Dresses are Red Carpet Regulars!

Before opening up his own label, Tadashi worked with famed costume designer Bill Whitten and the iconic Richard Blackwell. In 1982, he launched his own brand and quickly became a pioneer in a new category of eveningwear. Combining his intellect as an artist and his shrewdness for business, his label took off right away. Couture dressmaking techniques along with skillful engineering help to create dresses that could easily be mass-produced and are accessible to the audience. He loved pairing stretchy fabrics with fluid silhouettes to create breathtaking dresses that were unique but wearable on an everyday basis.


The Japanese-born designer has been in the industry for over 30 years and has celebrities wearing his designs to every red carpet. In fact, Katy Perry and Octavia Spencer are one of his biggest fans! Tadashi Shoji is one of the few designers who cater to women of all sizes and creates dresses that are not only intricate but in the budget as well. A-listers like June Ambrose and Bella Thorne have also been spotted wearing his label several times. When asked why celebrities love wearing his dresses, he explains how his pieces are both comfortable and sexy. Celebrities want something that looks and feels good, which is the reason why they keep going back to him. We love how Sarah Murphy dawned the TADASHI SHOJI Neeti Fringed Shoulder Gown on the red carpet during the Emmy Awards in 2019.

  • TADASHI SHOJI Dutton Strap Blue Lace Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Hitomi Embroidered Tulle Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Haidee Floral Sequin Embroidered Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Ciarra Sleeveless Sequin Embroidered Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Brittan Metallic Sheath Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Kenner Cap Sleeve Embroidered Dress


You are Enough: The Philosophy Behind Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji’s designs are carried in more than 1000 major stores worldwide. In 2007, he launched his first Runway Collection which quickly attracted celebrities. Ever since that day, celebrities like Demi Lovato, Kate Hudson, Sofia Richie and Miranda Kerr pride themselves on wearing the label. Over the years, Tadashi Shoji kept expanding his range and today it includes evening gowns, day dresses, jumpsuits, accessories, shapewear, intimates, fragrance, a kid’s line and even a bridal collection. The brand is swiftly gaining popularity for carrying pieces that are versatile and affordable while still featuring a luxurious touch. The TADASHI SHOJI Tabora Off-the-shoulder Dress is a great example of that!


Women worldwide pick Tadashi Shoji dresses for their trademark ease, perfect fit and a modern touch. The brand strives to push the boundaries of occasion dressing and make it a part of the contemporary market while not compromising the brand’s vision. The company’s philosophy is to make every woman feel beautiful, which is why it carries a separate collection for plus size and petite ladies. Being both an artist and a fashion designer, he understands that a woman’s body is like a canvas and it looks beautiful when everything is proportional. While other businesses try to tell women that they are not smart enough, thin enough or beautiful enough, Tadashi Shoji does the opposite. His designs are all about making women feel and believe that they are enough.


What Inspires the Beautiful Designer Dresses

ook inspiration from the #MeToo movement. He was quite opposed by the fact that women are harassed because of what they wear. Women should be allowed to wear anything they want, that is what Tadashi Shoji believes. So, he created a collection that emphasized the figure and highlighted all the curves. He did that to send women a message that they are free to wear whatever their heart desires.


He also often talks about how Tadashi Shoji Dresses showcase the influence of the East on the West throughout time. The TADASHI SHOJI Panit Green Velvet Evening Gown is a breathtaking dress that features kimono style sleeves that are enough to create an impact on their own.

  • TADASHI SHOJI Adriane Floral Embroidered Tea-length Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Tabora Off-the-shoulder Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Sanyu Stretch Jacquard Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Sakae Sunburst Tulle Midi Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Panit Green Velvet Evening Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Narumi Neoprene Embroidered Dress


Mesmerize the Crowd with Tadashi Shoji Evening Gowns

Got a fancy party to go to? Tadshi Shoji has got you covered! One of the brand’s specialty is evening gowns, so you can expect to find some breathtaking ones. People obviously have different picks when it comes to evening gowns, so it really comes down to personal preference. From finding that perfect prom gown to picking out a dress for your best friend’s wedding; there is something for everyone. The TADASHI SHOJI Hurley Off-the-shoulder Sequin Gown is a super popular number and for good reason! It features beautiful sequined detailing all over along with an off-the-shoulder silhouette. We all know that Mr. Shoji loves draping and that is perfectly showcased in this dress. The sexy thigh-high slit is the perfect way to show some skin in a long gown. These dresses are great for formal parties where you are required to dress up a bit extra.


Celebrities usually go for evening gowns for the red carpet since it allows them to make a bold fashion statement. Apart from sequin evening gowns, Tadashi Shoji Dresses also carry embroidered dresses that hug the body in all the right places. Since the brand focuses on comfort and style both, you can expect the dresses to be easy to wear and not scratchy in any way.


Tadashi Shoji Dresses Can Make Every Woman Feel Beautiful!

An evening gown doesn’t necessarily have to be filled with sequins or embellishments to look stunning. Sometimes, simplicity works just fine and is enough to capture everyone’s attention. Small details like a one-shoulder cut or an off-the-shoulder tiered detailing can make you land on the best-dressed list.


The brand and the designer both focus on making sure that every woman looks and feels beautiful when she slips into a Tadashi Shoji dress. Great craftsmanship and perfect tailoring are a big part of the label. No matter how beautiful the dress is if it’s ill-fitted it won’t be of any good. Let’s talk about the TADASHI SHOJI Harumi Peekaboo Paillette Gown and how beautiful it is! Overall, the dress is quite simple, and the main focus is on the neckline. A slightly off-the-shoulder cut is accentuated with pleated detailing along the entire bodice. The little black lace detailing adds that touch of ‘extra’ to this gorgeous piece! There are so many other dresses like this in the collection, so don’t hesitate to look around.

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  • TADASHI SHOJI Camilla Tea-length Black Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Hurley Off-the-shoulder Sequin Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Aribam Paisley Off-shoulder Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Irie One-shoulder Velvet & Taffeta Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Finnegan Off-shoulder Tulle Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Chiara Halter Neck Red Gown


Your Dream Wedding Dress is Right Here!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and finding that perfect dress is what every bride wants. With so many options to pick from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, if you pick out something from Tadashi Shoji dresses, you are bound to find something that you’ll love. Every dress in their bridal collection is beautiful and will make your day extra special. Every bride has a unique style and the label ensures that they have something for everyone.


For brides who love long and flowy wedding dresses, the TADASHI SHOJI Mina Lace Scallop White Gown is something they’ll appreciate. It features a modern silhouette without being too out there. The intricate lace bodices shape a plunging neckline and billowy sleeves that will have you looking and feeling like a princess. The dress is so simple yet has an elegant and trendy touch to it.


If long and flowy isn’t your vibe, then you’ll appreciate their collection of short wedding dresses. Some come with an off-the-shoulder neckline while others carry a beautiful lace overlay that is a treat to the eyes. Tadashi Shoji wedding dresses are not only gorgeous but also super comfortable. Since you’ll be wearing it for a long time and posing for pictures every second, you want something that is easy to move around in. So, don’t think twice and make a smart decision!


Florals, Embellishments and More with Tadashi Shoji Dresses

In the mood for florals? Tadashi Shoji dresses have got your back! A lot of wedding gowns from the collection features beautiful floral lace overlay which is good enough to make any bride fall in love. And then there are dresses like the TADASHI SHOJI Posie Sleeveless Floral Embroidered Dress which isn’t a bridal dress but a wedding guest can surely wear it. It’s got beautiful floral embroidery with a fitted bodice and a high-waisted midi skirt.


Tadashi Shoji usually goes for simple embellished detailing such as sequins or a 3D applique design. The label isn’t just for celebrities to wear, but he wants an everyday woman to be able to shop from him and enjoy his creations. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, which is why the price point is also affordable. No matter what dress you buy, it’s surely going to be worth every penny!

  • TADASHI SHOJI Jadis Cap Sleeve Flare Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Mina Lace Scallop White Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Belle Full Skirt White Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Leia Long-sleeve Sheer Dress

  • TADASHI SHOJI Jame Tulle Boat Neck Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI V-Neck Lace Wedding Dress


Spring Calls for the Tadashi Shoji Resort Collection

Tadashi Shoji Dresses may have started off as the perfect pick for evening wear, but over the years the label kept expanding its collection. The Resort Collection is absolutely breathtaking and is great to wear during spring and summertime. The dresses can work for both day and night, some being more extravagant than the other. This collection really focuses on fun but sophisticated prints and is all about the alluring cuts tailored fit and draped detailing. The TADASHI SHOJI Karime Fitted Mermaid Gown is a part of Tadashi Shoji’s 2020 Resort Collection and is a great example of his work. The dress features a subtle floral print and forms a sweetheart neckline, while hugging the body from top to bottom. The mermaid hemline with the draped detailing along the front of the dress is the highlight of this piece.


We’ve even seen celebrities like Sarah Murphy and Kate Beckinsale wear dresses from the Resort Collection on the red carpet. Apart from florals, the collection also has a lot of pieces with a polka dot print. From off the shoulder gowns to a cascading jumpsuit; the trendy dotted print is  seen quite a few times. No matter what piece you pick from this elaborate collection, you’ll be turning heads along the way. A lot of these dresses are great to wear at a close friend’s wedding or even pack with you on a special exotic trip!


Breathtaking Silhouettes are the Tadashi Shoji Trademark

Tadashi Shoji prides himself on ensuring that every woman feels confident and beautiful when they are wearing one of his creations. Apart from ensuring that every piece is comfortable, the designer puts in an extra effort to ensure that each dress features a breathtaking silhouette. The TADASHI SHOJI Aboah One-shoulder Flutter Sleeve Gown is absolute magic! Even though it’s a solid colored dress, the one-shoulder cut matched with the draping is pure perfection. You don’t even have to accessorize much when sporting this piece because the dress speaks for itself.


Celebrities want something that will make them land on the best-dressed list, which is why they go back to Tadashi Shoji Dresses again and again. An out of the box dress sometimes lands in the worst-dressed category. However, you never have to worry about going there when you’re wearing one of Mr Shoji’s designs.  Simple, sophisticated yet jaw-dropping; that’s what every dress in his collection is about.

  • TADASHI SHOJI Rune Twisted Crepe Black Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Bentz One-shoulder Flounce Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Aboah One-shoulder Flutter Sleeve Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Korey Sleevless Tulle Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Garrett Off-shoulder Sweetheart Gown

  • TADASHI SHOJI Karime Fitted Mermaid Gown


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