Get The Look: Natalie Suarez Dress Style

One sneak peek at the Natalie Suarez dress and you’ll be wanting to wear some velvet everyday. Unlike satin, velvety dresses are a great way to add both texture and sheen to your looks. As if that were enough, its floral pattern is another huge plus. Floral prints are a hit of the upcoming year, predicted to make its way through just about every season. So if you ask us, a dress similar to Natalie Suarez’s is the way to go.  With its tonal shades and crisp swirls, it’s hard not to want to slip this work of art on immediately. With numerous velvet and floral options, you can easily find your next favorite dress. Scroll to shop our curated edit of only the best pieces that fit the iconic Natalie Suarez style and snag this spicy look!

Rock 2021 With The Natalie Suarez Dress

It may be Winter and the standard floral look the Natalie Suarez dress showcases may not be your traditional cozy look. Whether its just a simple floral dress or an added touch of sheen, there are numerous options to get ahold of. To start, the PATBO Ruched Ruffled Floral-print Devoré-velvet Gown is a great dress to snag. You can expect to turn heads with this one, as it’s a true keeper. Bloom this 2021 in just the right floral print to get your spirits up. Similarly, the ANDREW GN Embellished Metallic Fil Coupé Silk-blend Gown is another pleasing dress to the eye. A unique color palette like this one is hard to come by, therefore, you should most defiantly take advantage of it. When it comes to the Natalie Suarez style, you want to go bold, yet classic–there’s no other way.

Become A Velveteen Queen

The one thing that stands out with the Natalie Suarez dress is its velveteen sheen. There’s nothing quite like starting the year with a bit of luster covering your body. Luckily for you, velvets of all kinds are a huge statement trend this upcoming year. Not only will it be a hit of the Winter season, but you can expect it to make its way throughout the whole year. Our favorite velvety touch to add to any wardrobe is the BALMAIN Jeweled Velvet V-shaped Neckline Sheath Dress. Regardless of your choice in color or pattern, its shiny appearance is enough to make you stand out. The best part–you don’t have to rely on your styling skills to make this dress go a long way. Carry a textured clutch or crossbody bag for a full-bodied ensemble. With a velvety touch like with the Natalie Suarez dress, you can never go wrong!

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