Front Row Dresses For Your Online Seat At Paris Fashion Week

The glitz, the elegance, the European essence–Paris Fashion Week is surely one to splurge on for your front row dresses. When it comes to fashion week, every change to dress up is worth taking. This time, however, you’ll want to snag one of these 30 hidden gems that only you can call yours. We promise there won’t be many people rocking the same ensemble as you and that is a gift within itself. Although not in-person, your virtual seat at Paris Fashion Week will certainly be one to remember. No matter if you’re hitting the couch, on the road, or even in bed–your ticket is valuable. Represent in the most elegant way possible with the top front row dresses that even the models on the screen would be envy of!

A Graceful Front Row Dress Only Paris Can Deliver

While yes, many European countries deliver a prominent grace, you can thank Paris for these front row dresses. Brands like Jacquemus are a great example of something we would rock at the front row. Not too complex or uncomfortable–simple, yet mesmerizing pieces give the perfect balance. The JACQUEMUS La Robe Novio Dress has hit the market and we haven’t been able to stop looking at it since. Pieces like this require little-to-no styling, offering a fresh, effortless look. With natural beauty on the uprise, there’s no better dress to fit the trend. Lay back and enjoy the show with this front row dress you won’t want to take off!

Stand Out In The Crowd Of Your Home

Front row dresses don’t have to be so feminine all the time. Brands like Balmain and Givenchy are great examples of the flip side of French fashion. While the fashion week is known for its elegance and grace, you can twist that perception around with these dresses. Our top pick for the week is the BALMAIN Crystal-embellished Stretch-crepe Mini Dress. We didn’t even have to name the designer for you to know who created it; that’s the power of Balmain. This is the ultimate pick for those looking to make a statement for themselves, regardless if no one is in the room with you. This front row bold look is for you and you only–indulge in its greatness.

Aside from structure, shape and body is a great way to elevate any look. Whereas Jacquemus is more lean, light and luminescent, this look delivers a whole other story. The ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER Silk Chiffon Ruffled Knee Length Dress is another dress we’ve been eyeing. Pink is also a hit color for the current year. Perfect for any fashion week, there’s no better way to top the calendar off than with this gem. For those looking the front row dresses your living room deserves to see, look no further.

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