Effortlessly Cool Office Dresses

Choosing office dresses for work is an endless, sometimes difficult task. With a limited clothing supply and now the summer heat to contend with, looking chic whilst keeping cool becomes tricky. We have combined some plainer staple dresses with some gorgeous printed ones to make deciding your daily outfit a breeze! Each dress is simple and easy to just slip on and go, giving you an effortlessly cool appearance.

Staple Office Dresses To Accessorise

Trying to find a different look for every day of the week is no mean feat. Not many people are lucky enough to have a personal stylist and wear an outfit just once. That doesn’t mean however that we want to wear the same ensemble day in day out. These staple dresses can be styled with different accessories to create a new look each time you wear it. For example, the washed silk Jill dress by Milly. It’s incredibly easy to slip on and the loose fit means it’s very comfortable in the warm weather. Flutter sleeves and a flounce hem ensure this dress isn’t boring whilst the plain colour allows for any coloured accessories. Simply changing the shade of shoes and bag you wear with this uncomplicated dress creates an entirely new look.

The versatility of denim has secured it’s place in almost every women’s wardrobe the world over. If you work in a laid-back environment, the Shady cobalt overall dress from See By Chloe is a must. Nothing says ‘cool’ quite like denim and this dress is as charming as it is functional. It can be worn with shirts, jumpers, t-shirts even bandeau tops if your work environment allows for it.

Stylish Office Dresses That Echo The Season

Office dresses that reflect and celebrate the current season are always a favourite. The Retro yellow, floral printed mini dress by Leon and Harper is the perfect example. A vibrant, playful yellow perfectly sets the tone for a summer ensemble. In addition, the side pockets, tie fastening and retro floral print add a wonderfully easygoing, laid-back sense of style.

Lucky for us, summer brings with it all the beauty of flowers in full bloom and colours at their brightest. Demonstrate your love of nature in the Simpson multi printed dress by Mes Demoiselles. The stunning floral print is a lovely choice for summer and the lightly billowed fit means it’s fantastically comfortable too.