Cali Dresses To Heat Up The Valley

California is one of the biggest states with various unique styles, including a million reasons to snag Cali-inspired dresses. From the hillsides of Hollywood to the beaches of Malibu, you can strut just about anything daring your heart desires. Whether you have an itinerary full of city strolls by the San Francisco Bridge or Los Angeles palm trees, stay on lookout for boho, artistic pieces to add to your wardrobe. You will surely fit right into the crowd, yet stand out in the hottest Cali trends of the season! Shop the edit for the complete rundown on the unique West Coast dress code.

For The San Francisco City Girl

San Francisco is unique in the fact that every hillside and steep street you stroll by, you’ll see just about any style in the crowds. While the city is not known for a boho atheistic, it is popular for its breezy, fun ensembles. Set off into the breeze with the CHARO RUIZ IBIZA Sophia Lace Maxi Dress, perfect for a fun boat ride. With ample amount of wiggle room and comfortability, you will be prepared for any activity–and better yet, best dressed. If you’re into long romantic walks by rose bushes, opt for the REFORMATION Honey Dress. You’ll look like a heart full of gold and turn necks with every step. Shine bright, city girl.

For The Coachella Valley Hipster

Do we need to say much more? The Valley and Los Angeles region are known for its unapologetic, freestyle vibes. Forget festivals, strides through the bright city and wind of palm trees will have you swooning at dresses along the store strips. Get ahead of the game with Coachella-inspired pieces, ready for your extravaganza. From morning to night, don’t stray away from rocking anything bold–the ZIMMERMANN Wavelength Ruffled Printed Silk Dress for example. While not being overbearing for a daylight trip, its the perfect balance between a wow-factor and a feminine touch. Don’t be afraid to rock the craziest of boho prints, cuts, and sun-hot styles. The Valley is where the heart of Cali dresses aspire to live!

ZIMMERMAN Pink Wavelength Ruffled Printed Silk Dress
RHODE Ella Tie Waist Cotton Mini Dress

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